How did I get here?

Image In June 2012 I was diagnosed with aggressive HER2 positive breast cancer. Since then I’ve been journalling my thoughts and finally decided, after encouragement from friends and family, to set up a blog.

So here it is. And here I am doing the tango with a new dance partner who cut-in on us quickly and almost entirely unannounced. I don’t much like the look of him and this particular tango won’t be danced through to the end if I have my way. But the route through investigations, discoveries, more investigations, surgery, more surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy and herceptin is, as The Beetles put it, “a long and winding road.”  It certainly offers a whole range of experiences and topics to write about!

It’s worth knowing that my background is primarily one of science which is a damned good thing because much of the past few months (and all of 2013) involves me being a 5’9″ walking, talking medical experiment. It’s also worth knowing that scientists aren’t prone to oozing icing-sugar-sweetness when they write about stuff.  So some of the posts you find here might not be to everyone’s tastes and I’ll apologise for that in advance. But there’s no easy way to sweeten up a run in with the Big C.


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