Free NHS tummy-tucks

Back in July my consultant M talked about the option of a diep flap reconstruction. 18 years ago when my Mum developed breast cancer the choices were lumpectomy and a distorted boob or mastectomy and a prosthesis. Today we’re luckier. There are lots of very good reconstruction options including temporary expanders, immediate silicon, latimus dorsi or diep flaps. Diep flap is nothing short of a free NHS tummy-tuck relocating skin, fat and blood supplies from below the navel up the abdomen into the chest to create a nice, 100% natural replacement breast.

I thought exchanging my right breast for a flat stomach was a pretty good deal, even though diep is a long and complex surgery.  I was certain (having been attached to it for a long time) there was enough squidgy flab on my midriff to create an average sized breast. We weren’t talking Dolly Parton after all!   M asked me to stand up so she could take a look and I stood there feeling awkward all the while day-dreaming about my new ‘no diet, no gym’ super flat stomach. Then she dropped another bombshell. “No, I’m afraid you don’t have enough fat to create a new breast” said M.  What? I don’t understand!  I’ve seen that stomach day-in day-out and its cosy layer of fat would look much better shoved up onto my chest.

Scrambling around for a way to change M’s mind, I tried convincing her with the most plausible, medically sound argument I could come up with.  There must be enough fat because my BMI says so. How could she possibly explain my ‘keep off the pies’ rating if I didn’t have enough fat to build an average sized breast? Where the hell IS all this weight if I’m not covered head to toe (but mainly on my stomach) with a thick layer of gloopy fat?

“It’s not fat, its bone mass” she said.  My dreams of the ‘no diet, no gym’ flat stomach were lost forever.


2 thoughts on “Free NHS tummy-tucks

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Sadly no option of a butt boob and in my mind there sure was enough butt at the time to make it happen. I think I could’ve had a 38GG from there instead of half a medium sized orange I’d become use to. Chemo has seen to it that there’s less butt to go around now though so maybe it was all for the best.


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