The bonds that bind us: true friends, new friends, girlfriends

2012/13 may be my annus horribilis but it isn’t going to stop me feeling tremendously lucky. Close behind lucky I feel honoured and extremely grateful.  This overwhelming sense of bliss has been inspired by some truly lovely ladies.  These women spur me on, they share my sorrows and they help me keep smiling.  Every time the crap container tries crapping on me the girls join forces and put Mary Poppins umbrella over my head.

I know some of these wonderful women very well. If it wasn’t for the fact we have different surnames we could easily be devoted sisters.  Some of these ladies are new friends; we didn’t know each other so well until 2012 but the compassion and care they offer makes them true friends in every sense.  Some of us have yet to meet in person, technology and shared experience brought us together. Although we may never be able to meet it doesn’t make the friendship any less endearing.

These women all have busy lives, they all work extremely hard, they have their own families to take care of and they also have to take care of themselves.  Many of them have seen tough times, they have stories to tell too.  But astonishingly no matter what else is going on these amazing women find time to watch-out for me. They show such humanity, kindness and affection that thinking about it brings me to tears.  I cannot adequately convey the emotions behind the bonds that bind us but this, my friends,  is a sisterhood to be proud of.  I am lucky, truly honoured and so, so grateful to have these lovely ladies in my life.  I hope very much that I’ll be able to give them the same love and friendship they’ve given to me.

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