Help! I just woke up with Cousin ITT

Cousin ITT, The Addams Family (courtesy of

This morning I woke up to find Cousin ITT in bed beside me. What Addams had snuck in there too.  I’m not used to finding strangers in my bed and these guys were certainly strange.  ITT seemed to have taken over my pillows.  What was sprawling all over the duvet.

Although I was warned about this I didn’t expect to find I’d slept with members of the Addams family. Eugh!

I’ve noticed my typically affectionate cats are attempting to avoid me today.  They’re sulking around looking skittish and on edge. It’s not without cause because one swift or ill-timed move of my head will turn them all into ginger tabbies!

Note to self: under no circumstances should you open the door to the postman today.

Aside from very severe moulting I also have a sore head. I was warned about that too. Usually I recall supping one too many Chablis’ the night before. But no such luck this time, alcohol wasn’t included in the FEC deal.

Second note to self: avoid opening door to postman at all costs. He’s a nice guy, he doesn’t need a toupee and an unprovoked kick in the wotsits.

I’ve been told ‘normal reactions’ to the almost inevitable fall-out feckety FEC causes include grief, disbelief and anger.  I can well understand why.  But unfortunately none of those states is going to achieve anything;  falling into the seething pit of despair isn’t going to help me (or anyone else for that matter).  So it’s time to find some nice red lipstick, put on my best fixed-grin and get ready to be GI Jane.


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