Sure, go ahead, kick them when they’re down.

I try to avoid whining, negative thinking and unnecessary ire. But conversations with near and dear ones combined with my own observations of the way some of us treat others has tipped me over the edge.   It’s time for write-rage.

My question is this: what is it that makes some people think they can put their hob-nail boots on and kick the hell out of someone else just for the sake of it… when it’s obvious that person is flat-on-the-floor from some previous great big kicking?   Seriously, what is it with these people? Why do this? What makes them think it could possibly be OK?

So here’s a message for the perpetrators of the gratuitous sadism that’s been brought to my attention and anyone else tempted to kick someone when they’re down:

To people who leave anonymous, abusive voice messages in the middle of the night:
You are cowardly and misguided. Do you not realise the recipient knows full well who and where you are?   If you have a gripe with someone tell them to their face; deal with it like an adult. Stop hiding behind technology and grow a backbone.

To people who think it’s OK to lay claim to another’s ideas:                                                          You assume other’s won’t see through you. They do.  Your lack of original thought is always in plain sight.  Stop hiding behind falsehoods and give credit where credit is due.

To people who ‘do things right’ instead of ‘doing the right thing’:                                          Beware. You may find a ‘do things right’ person dealing with you some day. You will not like it.  Stop hiding behind policies and develop some humanity.

To people who use their position to publicly debase others:                                                   Just because someone is less fortunate than you doesn’t mean you can walk all over them.  They will be tougher than they look and you’ll wind up in a heap of trouble. Stop hiding behind assumed power, learn some manners and show respect.

There are no excuses for kicking someone else when they’re down and anyone who insists on this despicable behaviour should take heed.  It’s unwise to assume the lowly will be lowly forever. It’s very unwise to assume no-one will stand up for them.

Courtesy of Stonehill School, Leicestershire



3 thoughts on “Sure, go ahead, kick them when they’re down.

  1. I can’t believe you have received an “anonymous, abusive voice messages in the middle of the night”. This goes beyond stupidity, easily enters the realm of insanity, which by the way does not in any way excuse this vile act. What the hell is wrong with people?


    • It’s worse than that. It wasn’t me who go this call, it was someone very dear to me. And they’d done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Like you say, what the hell is wrong with some people?!


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