How come my legs are still hirsute?

Chemotherapy, especially the chemotherapy I’m having is meant to make all your hair fall out.  It’s done a pretty good job in most places over the last 3 weeks. I’ll save a fortune on shampoo, conditioner, mousse, sculpting wax and hairspray.  There’s also a lot less epilation and general pruning to take care of.  It doesn’t take anywhere near as long to get ready in the morning and there’s a lot less daily maintenance to attend to.  I feel sad that my hairdresser will be worse off for a few months but last time I saw her I left her a big tip, to make up for all the six-weekly trims we’ll both miss out on.

So how come my legs are still hirsute?

Why do they insist on sprouting when everything else has well and truly gone into hiding?  Is this one of life’s many mysteries or does it serve to remind me that whilst the rest of my hair is shedding like the Autumn leaves my stubborn legs will continue producing excessive stubble?  And if I’m destined to continue growing leg hair, should I leave it there in the hope it might inspire the rest of my ginger locks to stand proud instead of giving up so soon?  How long does leg hair actually get when you leave it unhindered for months on end?  Is it something like this?

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The human body is a truly remarkable and thoroughly unpredicatable thing – at least mine seems to be that way.  Goodness knows what else is going to happen!


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