Could we just…..

Sit listening to some music, go for a drive, cook dinner?
See a movie, walk in the park, feed the birds?
Curl up on the sofa, watch football, play chess?
Visit friends, stay with family, plan New Year?
Toast muffins, carve pumpkins, make toffee apples?
Go swimming, run the bridle-tracks, cycle the hills?
Enjoy the garden, plant next year’s seeds, cuddle the cats?
Get some fireworks, have a bonfire, bake potatoes?                                                                      Go to the pub, eat pie, drink beer?
Play scrabble, monopoly, charades?
Take a break, follow the coast path, smell the sea?

Could we just get through this tough time, get our lives back on track and have fun again?

I hope so.  I hope we get to do all these unremarkable, straightforward, everyday things.   I hope we manage a few special one-offs too. Northern Lights, China, New Zealand maybe.

I’m trying very hard so all this can happen. So I can be a good  Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunty, friend.  Not just today or tomorrow but for the long-term. That’s why I’m doing this. It’s true it frustrates me to hell –  the drugs, the nausea, the dulled vitality, the isolation. But it’s all worth it, even the hard times still to come, because I’m not really asking a lot. Just the chance to be with people I love enjoying the simple everyday things that mean so much. I’m doing this so next year, and the next and all those beyond will be a lot more fun for us all.

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