There ARE fairies at the bottom of the garden

It’s true, there are fairies at the bottom of the garden. Your garden, my garden, our neighbours gardens too. They’re in your apartment block, down at the Mall, sat on the bus or in the car behind you.  They’re on flights, in church, running down the street.  There are fairies everywhere.

What was that, did you say nah, nonsense? Am I losing it, going out of my mind? (Maybe, but not when it comes to fairies).  Stop being so fanciful I hear you say. You’ve never seen a fairy, not now, not ever….. because everyone knows   fairies   do     not    exist!

Oh really.  Are you sure?

What about the good fairy who picked up you child’s favourite toy, ran after you and said “there you go” as you strolled out of the  park? Or the one who grabbed your arm as you stepped off the sidewalk, you didn’t see that car. How about the fairy who reads angst on your face on the train journey home and asks if you’d like to talk. Or the one who helped clean you up this morning when you twisted your ankle stepping off the bus.

Do you believe yet?  No?

Ok how about these. The fairy who leaves a note saying they saw who bumped your car. The one who shouts “hey, let me” and carries your bags up that long flight of stairs. The fairy who found your wedding ring in the washroom and made sure it was returned.  Or the  one who gave you a lift home last night because you weren’t safe to walk back alone. The fairy who offered you a headache pill when you realised you already used your last one.

Beginning to believe?  Phew!

The fairies are down there at the bottom of the garden and they’re everywhere else too. The only reason we don’t see them is they look just like me and you.