What’s up?

I’ve been asked to write an update on what’s been happening and how I am so here it is.

The first thing to say is that the weather has continued to be inclement and quite chilly. I haven’t been out and about much.  Instead I’ve been catching up on New Scientist and Science Daily. I always hope to find inspiring, positive articles but this week’s New Scientist was a little gloomy. We can expect more storms like Sandy, 90% of European ash trees may be destroyed by fungus and fish in Fukushima are as radioactive today as they were a year ago so there may be ongoing contamination issues.  Beyond our immediate challenges, in 1.8 billion years we’ll all be gone and single-celled organisms will be the only remaining vestige of life on our planet.  The meek really will inherit the Earth. (Until the sun becomes a red giant and all life is extinguished).  Gloomy.

I planned to have a quiet, relaxing day today as chemo no.3 is fast approaching and I’m becoming a little nervous about the problems with my veins.  I don’t want to have a central line, the whole concept bothers me because I’m paranoid about infection risks.  My day didn’t turn out as anticipated but hey ho. I spent the morning catching up with work. As ever there’s a lot going on and a multitude of things that need to be dealt with.  There never seems to be a quiet period in the office, at least there’s never a quiet period for my team!

I worked through a few chores this afternoon. These days chores have a new meaning and extend beyond the basic household tasks.  So as well as laundry and clearing up dead leaves brought in by the cats (no idea why they’re bringing me leaves but that’s what they’re doing), I have to undertake regular maintenance and repair work on myself.  Chemo plays havoc with so many things including eyes, skin and gums.  All of them need special care to stay in good shape.

Physically I’m withstanding chemo reasonably well, nothing has dropped off apart from my hair. I’m hoping I won’t lose my finger and toe nails but there are no guarantees.   Spiritually my heart is heavy.  So many people who are dear to me seem to be getting more than their fair share of November rain.  I wish I could make it go away for them.

credit: laughingsquid.com





2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Cancer puts us in touch with the reality that although we can have influence in this world, we do not have control. Mother Nature also puts us in touch with this fact. It can be a heavy load to bear. Other times, it is much lighter. I hope things lighten up for you soon and in the mean time, take care.


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