Quick post before blood, I mean bed.

Regulars readers will know I’ve become obsessed with blood, or more specifically the veins that transport it.  Today I got my bloods done in advance of  FEC3. No phone call from the hospital so it’s all systems go for chemo camp tomorrow – Guantanemo Bay on dress-down day.

I also have a confession to make. I asked the phlebotomist to take blood from my ‘bad’ side.  I can’t face more collapsed veins in my ‘good’ side leading to forced installation of a central line.  So I made the phlebotomist commit a mortal phlebotomy sin. I’m really sorry if she get’s into trouble come judgement day but there’s a remote chance the vein in the elbow of my ‘good’ side will be ‘good’ tomorrow.  I need ‘good’ veins in that arm because the veins in my hand have disappeared.  I hate my veins.

Now I’m off to bed for that other pre-chemo delight, insomnia. But it’s a very clear night, I’ll be able to see a million stars and you never know, I might get abducted by aliens so it’s not all bad 😉

P.S. The diagram below is not to scale. The syringe is at least 10 times smaller than the real thing (& there are 8 of them). I’d be jolly pleased if they were filled with Balkan 176 vodka. Wishful thinking!

Credit: MacMillan Cancer Support – this makes it look simple!


4 thoughts on “Quick post before blood, I mean bed.

  1. I forgot and had bloods taken from my ‘bad’ side once – had a bruise for three weeks!
    You get such varied comments from nursing staff, some claiming you’ve got no veins at all, others saying there are plenty! There were a couple of really gifted staff who could get lines in, first go, with anyone. I used to wonder why they didn’t get them to do ALL the vein finding, as I sat there suffering two or three failed shots.
    I’m no needle phobe, but even I was getting fed up with the multiple, desperate, poking and gouging of each chemo session. Glad I’ve finished my chemo (for this session, anyway – delights to come, no doubt!)


    • It seems the FEC is pretty harsh on the veins and they recoil (I would too given half a chance). It’s the continual talk of the central line that concerns me. Stupid I know given the cancer itself! Get the names of those good vein finders, I’m sure there must be some privileges for people like us – vein finder by request kind of thing 🙂


    • I’m here, no alien encounters but I’m feeling positive and willing those veins to get a grip. You’re a wonderful and kind lady, I’m so glad we’ve met, albeit through not so brilliant circumstances.


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