Blue blood

Dr Christian Jessen a popular TV doctor here in the UK recently answered a question from one of his many twitter followers regarding royalty and the myth of blue blood amongst people of royal descent. Dr Christian said categorically that no-one has blue blood…. Not even Prince Harry 😉

Well, given my multiple venous challenges, tonight I seem to have lots of veins and they all look very, very, blue to me. Who knows what’s going on in there. Why have my veins suddenly decided to show up out of nowhere and why are they all blue? Guys, it’s no good rising up now, you’re 3 days late to the party for goodness sake!

I’m feeling a little tired this evening and looking somewhat dark and sinister under the eyes so will be attempting an early night AND some unbroken sleep. This may be wishful thinking but it’s worth a go. However before retiring to bed I had chance to notice that both my second and third toes are longer than my big toes.

Now allegedly this strange toe phenomenon is another sign of royalty. Is Dr Christian wrong – blue blood and extra long phalanges? Perhaps I was meant to be a princess…. I suspect in my case the most likely explanation is that I’m more closely related to lesser rather than great apes…. And was supposed to be a gibbon!


6 thoughts on “Blue blood

  1. I think it will end up that you are royalty but the kind that doesn’t have to fight off the paparazzi. That way you will be able to show off the new boob while sunbathing in France, without fear. In the meantime, you work on the mystery of the re-appearing but blue veins and I will work on the mystery of my day glow colored urine. I suspect it is one of the new supplements that I have been taking or perhaps a build up from the many weeks of turmeric capsules I have been ingesting three times a day. On a serious note, I hope that you are feeling better, bit by bit each day after your last round of chemo.


    • Day glow colored urine hmmm, that is a mystery. I think the mighty turmeric could be responsible. I’ll be reintroducing it once chemo is through (took it up pre-surgery, postponed during this chemical assault) but have carried on with green tea, shitake mushrooms, veg when they taste normal and lots of tomatoes. I’m getting there with this round, the weekend immediately after is always a bit odd then everything starts coming back to life again. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂
      Ps. My Father is enjoying your blog, he somehow found your post about Ollie and emailed me to say have you seen this lady’s great blog and her gorgeous cat (how bizarre is that). We’re both completely daft when it comes to pets, when he was 5 he left notes all over his parent’s house saying cat, cat, cat until they bought one home!


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