And life, like work, expands to fill the available time….

This is so true (thanks Richard for the comment). I look back on just over 40 years and can see how I’ve expanded life to fill the available time just like the inside of Dr Who’s Tardis is larger than the outside!  This topic could be a whole book but as I’m still not out of the post-chemo recovery period here are some snippets…..

Travel. Not just the 250 mile plus journey to/from work but extensive leisure travel too, exploration of off the beaten track backwaters across more than 16 countries. Many of these sojourns were undertaken on a shoestring budget, complete with car, tent, sleeping bags and camp stove.  Adventures included a mugging – I didn’t have much money so it wasn’t lucrative – and the police sorted it out.  Awakening to torrential rain, knee-deep in mud to disassemble a sodden tent while smiling like a woman possessed.  Overcoming a debilitating fear of heights on impressive glaciers then lapping up some well-earned beer, music and song. Snowed-in then sunburnt in the same February week while overlooking a decontaminated anthrax testing ground in the Hebrides. Far from the madding crowd travel is an enjoyable way to expand life and there’s more to come so time must provide for this continued life expansion.

Learning. I’m not entirely sure how this came about but aside from a brief period during maternity leave (I was practicing as a new Mum), I’ve studied a plethora of subjects for what seems like forever. Artificial intelligence to ecology; chip architecture to philosophy, sociology to leadership development. Sciences, languages, art and music all made their way onto the list too. There’s something special about finding synergies and discords, unearthing patterns and trends, understanding how theories and beliefs play-out in everyday life. I’m not sure there will be enough time to explore everything that grabs my interest but I’m doing my damnedest to cram as much as possible into this thing called life. Intense curiosity leaves no chance for boredom!

Developing –  individuals, teams, in sport, the local community and developing myself, my thinking, beliefs and values. Work – like study, work has never been ‘done’ for me. There’s always a goal to strive for; seeing teams flourish matters more than title or status – those are just meaningless words on a page. Work has comprised multiple and  non-conventional career pathways, start-ups and turn-arounds, where almost every role has been a buzz.

Then of course there’s family – this would be a whole new blog in its own right;  the same is true of friends. Community, reading, writing, music, sport, nature, food, wine (when I tolerate it), song, dance, laughter, imagination, meditation, spirituality.  There is so much life to fill the available time that it can only mean one thing. No compromises.  The time to accommodate all this life will have to go on for a very long time indeed ∞



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