Places I like

I’m too tired to write much today, it’s been a busy few days with lots going on.  So instead of writing I’ve decided to include some places I like for various reasons.

Hope you’ll like them too 🙂

Suilven, Assynt.  This impressive Scottish mountain is made from Torridonian sandstone and rises above the village of Lochinver. My Mother’s ashes are buried in the woods near here.

Shaldon, Devon. A small village with botanical gardens and a private zoo. Known as a “quaint drinking village with a fishing problem.” Have had many fun times here and in nearby areas of Devon.

Cabot tower, Bristol. An imposing monument on Brandon Hill. It’s surrounded by a park and ponds. I used to catch frogs and feed the squirrels here when I was a kid!

Avebury stone circle, Wiltshire – the largest stone circle in Europe. This place is awesome and can seem eerie.  There are a number of other neolithic sites of interest nearby.


4 thoughts on “Places I like

    • I’m imagining the sunshine glinting off the sea, the gulls calling overhead, the prettiness of The Ness itself, the colours of the Teign’s depths and shallows…. a glass of chilled apple juice and Devon strawberries. It’s such a lovely daydream that I’m adding it to the top of my to do list once all this chemo nonsense is through 🙂


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