This is what happens…..

Dr Bunsen Honeydew demonstrates what happens when I go for chemo....

Dr Bunsen Honeydew demonstrates what happens when I go for chemo….

when I go for chemo.

Dr Honeydew: We are going to give you some expensive drugs today.

Me: Will they have side effects?

Dr Honeydew: A few.

Me: What are they?

Dr Honeydew: Well, it’s tricky. They vary from person to person. You might feel nauseaus. Or you might get ulcers, in your mouth and places. Your stomach could get upset, you know, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, tenderness. Maybe headaches, they’re a possibility.  You might vomit, could go on for a while. Your hand could swell, the rest of you might swell too. Dizziness is possible. Oh, symptoms of menopause could present. And tingling, you might get tingling. Did I already mention sickness? Night sweats. Disturbed sleep, falling asleep, sleep issues in general. Tiredness is a possibility.  You may find you are breathless. Pins and needles. I mentioned the sickness didn’t I? Red. You may go red. Kind of boiled lobster colour.

Me: Anything else I should know about?

Dr Honeydew: Um, your heart might beat fast, very fast. It’s nothing to worry about.

Me: Is there anything I should worry about?

Dr Honeydew: Erm, well, uh…. stay away from crowds. And animals. Avoid raw meat, fish and eggs. No pate. Eat a pregnant woman’s diet.

Me: Is that it?

Dr Honeydew: Yes. Come back  in 3 weeks. We’ll try it again and see if we can raise a few more side effects.  They vary from person to person you know. Fascinating isn’t it?

Me: I agree it has an ‘F’ in it somewhere. Not sure about the ‘ascinating’ though!


9 thoughts on “This is what happens…..

    • If there is one useful piece of advice I can offer for when you’re a Dr it’s this: please remember that just like Beaker, most patients get a little concerned about being on the receiving end of anything sharp, stabby or strangely coloured. Purple carrots and blue martinis are excluded but the NHS doesn’t prescribe those 😉


    • You have to laugh about these things else life would be grim and there’s no fun in that. Beaker was my childhood hero – he’s probably the reason I like science though I didn’t bargain on taking his place in the experiment!


      • My grandmother used to laugh at things I didn’t think warranted a chuckle. Older and trying to be wiser, now I get it! Snoopy and his brother Spike where my favorites. So being that I am restless and creative, adventurous and a vagabond – guess that fits 🙂


  1. Hi tracy. thanx for visiting my blog. I was here last night reading thru your posts, though I find it very interesting I don’t know what to say except your very brave and thank you for sharing your experiences to me. I have a pretty serious autoimmune sickness but I’m not brave enough to blog about it…I’m just finding comfort from people like you whose ” sticking two fingers up to an aggressive cancer. ” It was nice knowing you 🙂 Hope your feeling well !


    • Hi Abby, I’ll stick the two fingers on my other hand up to help with your autoimmune condition. Remember you’re never alone, the people whose lives you touch are all willing you on and wishing you happiness, health and prosperity 🙂


  2. Just to prove what you said in an earlier post. I too am still up (nothing unusual for me) but I don’t have ‘Chemo-Brain’ to blame. Sweet Dreams (when you eventually retire). Oh! And I love the pictures 🙂


    • It comes to something when children have to tell their parents off but that is what I’m going to do. Night time (12 midnight to 6am) is for sleeping unless you’re on steroids or have chemo-brain or both. Too little sleep and you turn into Mrs Thatcher and that wouldn’t be nice at all !


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