Sixteen years ago today my Mum was stolen from us unexpectedly.

Her name was Sandra but she preferred Sandy. She was a warm, caring and gentle lady, a devoted wife and a placid, encouraging parent.  She was intuitive, supportive and generous and she also had a scintillating sense of humour.  My Mum was completely selfless and when it came to arranging her funeral many more people attended than we imagined simply because she’d touched their lives with kindness in a way they wouldn’t forget.

A number of misfortunes contributed to her death but the thief of always was breast cancer and if hate was not such a negative emotion I’d hate breast cancer for all eternity for taking my Mum and widowing my darling Dad.  Instead I leave a tribute and I think she’ll like it.


Sometimes when one person is missing the whole world seems depopulated.

Sometimes when one person is missing the whole world seems depopulated.


15 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Thank you Tracy for your wonderful words. Work has prevented me from appearing here earlier and when I found this post I was once more ‘very proud’ of my daughter. We have been seperated from your mum, but we are never apart. No one can take away the love and memories that reside in our hearts. Dad xxx


    • I think perhaps life is all about making memories, good ones more than bad we all hope. Losing someone dear makes us realise life isn’t about money, material chattels, status or power. It’s about being present in the moment with the people we love, giving ourselves to them freely and generously and expecting nothing at all in return. You, my parents, taught me this and I will be forever grateful for the most important lesson I could have ever hoped to learn.


      • Yes, Tracy. There comes a time when we have to let go of the ones we love. That is when all the things around you get quite and you realize that the only thing remaining is your heart. But, don’t feel disheartened. Even if our loved ones have left the world they never left our hearts where they reside. Take care. Jo


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