Today has been a GOOD day :-)

Here are some things that might have happened to me today…. but didn’t:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Pain
  • Flushing
  • Temperature
  • Hospitalisation

A minor thing that did happen but is no big deal:

  • Tiny ruptured blood vessels in my left eye

Some great things that made my day:

  • Chris writing a poem just for me – thank you so much Chris.
  • Tina nominating me for an award, sending me lovely messages of support & hope. You’re an angel.
  • My Dad sending me a card (he sends one each time) to celebrate another chemo over and done with, giving me love, hope and buckets of hugs that are so very appreciated.
  • Sunshine all day and a crispy crunchy frost sparkling on the lawn and the hedgerows. We live on a beautiful planet.
  • My dear cats (who have been poorly too) getting well again – come on you cats 🙂
  • Receiving notification of a 2:1 in my degree in spite of this year’s extra challenges. Hurrah!
  • One of my  friends-who-is-more-my-big-brother  arranging to visit with a small posse of  dearest friends so we will see each other right before Christmas.
  • Having some beautiful visitors to my garden – I’ve shared them below for you to see too.

Today has been a GOOD day!

Collared Dove, Goldfinches, Blue Tit & Chaffinch
Collared Dove, Goldfinches, Blue Tit & Chaffinch


9 thoughts on “Today has been a GOOD day :-)

  1. So happy for you, Tracy. {{{Hugs}}}. The part about your father sending you a card brought a tear to my eye. I’m not sure why, but it was just a beautiful gesture.


  2. Oh my goodness, my hearrt just did a little victory dance for you!!! Congratulations!!! Of course on your chemo, but actually, I’m thinking any 2:1 in a degree is amazing. Well done, Yay!! And hurrah!!!


    • Thanks Benedicte. I hope you arrived home safely, are reunited with your decent keyboard and your gift for writing with clarity & honesty about ‘simple tangles’ few of us can truly understand as you do is now returning. And of course the most important thing of all, being back at home with your beautiful, amazing and inspiring family.


  3. Great news Tracy. I’m so glad the Taxotere and Herceptin didn’t cause any ‘nasty’ reactions.
    I hope the the remaining treatments go just as well. Four down, two to go, and your positivity still shines through. Well Done!


  4. Hang in there…find some shifters…things that make you smile…I know that’s a lot to ask and is very hard. Keep your head up.


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