Cold dark heart

I tried to understand you, your motives and your whims.

I worked so hard to fool myself, forget your canting and your sins.

I tried to understand why you would do these things to me,

I wanted to ignore the signs, your vast malignancy.

I never dreamt your mercilessness deep-rooted, head to toe,

I tried so hard to fool myself you had a heart to show.

Cold dark heart

The tides they’ll turn and then you’ll find that I will be replete

And once I am I won’t endure your lies and your deceit….

Your conscience and your ethics, they’re so far from a la carte,

But doubt for not one second that I’ve seen your cold dark heart.

And now I’m in the knowing, there’s something you should know,

As sure as fires burn and seasons change, you’ll reap just what you’ve sown.