Yesterday I had a very special visitor.  He traveled 80 miles to see me in spite of being at work until lunchtime and really brightened my day.  Later in the evening,  I had an amazing chat with my son.  Nothing remarkable there one might think.  But I wonder how many 19-year-old lads sit down and really talk to their Mom’s these days?  I also wonder how many Mom’s (or Dad’s) really make time to listen fully and intently to what their teenagers have to say?

As a mother I’ve tried to be a good parent but more than anything I’ve tried to be a true friend.   True friends can tell each other anything – hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations – and they love each other unconditionally. Unconditional love is, I think, quite rare these days but where it exists it’s blissful.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the things that make us happy because at the moment I feel deluged with advertisements for expensive jewellery, perfumes, clothing and accessories.  I see the (fake) smiles of the actors/actresses/models presented with these gifts and I read the subliminal messages.  Buy this, you’ll be ecstatically happy and feel exquisitely gorgeous.  Give this and your loved one will be overwhelmed and overjoyed.   I wonder how many of us are taken in by the hyperbole.

In my world, blissful can’t be found in or through material goods.  It’s a state of mind, body and spirit engendered by meaningful interactions.  It might be stroking a purring cat, having a great conversation, sharing a hug, walking in the park, watching the moon rise or the sun set. I am a creature of simple pleasures.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like choosing gifts for my loved ones and I very much enjoy the act of giving, but I’ve come to appreciate that the greatest gifts cannot be bought or sold.  Unconditional love isn’t available on Amazon. A shoulder to cry on can’t be found on eBay.  Supermarkets don’t do buy one get one free offers on hugs.   Only we can give each other these precious gifts and no cash is necessary.



12 thoughts on “Blissful

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  2. This Christmas I had the least amount of physical presents yet I have felt more blessed than ever. I noticed an almost unsettling calm. And I felt like i was finally starting to “get it”. To be happy although I wasn’t surrounded by things seemed impossible. But there I was Christmas evening, in my bed, tired from cooking and eating, the television watching me, happier than I’d been since I was a kid.


    • I’m really touched and inspired by your comment, the ‘things’ are just that, ‘things’ but its the people in our lives, the times shared together and the good experiences we have that make for love, enjoyment and warm memories that cannot be taken away. So glad you’ve had a happy time and wishing you many more to come next year.


    • Thank you Dianne. I’ve never been particularly materialistic but this year I’ve really come to appreciate love, life and nature…. and they’re all free.


  3. 80 miles is no distance at all. The wonderful thing about life is that all the joy is in ‘giving.’ The most important things we can give others are ‘Love, Friendship, Support and, when needed, a shoulder to cry on.’ None of these can be bought, at any price!


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