Tá mo chroí istigh ionat ~ My heart is within you


I speak fondly of my friends and family because I am very fond of them.

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.  My heart is within you – all of you.

My family is small but perfectly formed.  My Dad is a regular visitor here and has been truly marvellous this year.  I was devastated to have to tell him that yet again breast cancer had struck our family; I really didn’t want to bring that shadow back to his door. I cannot thank him enough for his love, support and understanding, or for his sense of humour 🙂 My Aunt and Great Aunt have helped me along with phone calls, emails and texts.  I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they are no longer young women, both have health challenges of their own but they’ve been stalwart in providing affection and compassion. Don’t forget Aunty L that I’m expecting you to teach me how to get into mischief when I’m fully recovered…

My long-standing friends have helped keep my spirits up and shown more kindness than I am worthy of.  Yesterday I was visited by four kings whose richness of character make them wealthier than the richest people in the world.  They brought felicitations and blessings from some of my new friends who I know will be here for keeps and today brought more special visitors who hold a place in my heart for always.

As Christmas approaches I reflect on a year of trials and tribulations; 2012 has not been an easy journey and I know 2013 will  bring a few more bumps in the road.  I’m ready for them.  I also know this year has been very unkind to some folks who are very dear to me. I’m sad that my dysfunctional body prevented me being with you in person to share your burdens.  I think of you each day and in spirit I am always by your side.

I am indebted to my family and my friends for standing by me, helping me through the difficult times and making me smile from ear-to-ear on a regular basis.   Whatever happens next, my heart is within you today and for always and I thank you for being the very special people you are.


19 thoughts on “Tá mo chroí istigh ionat ~ My heart is within you

  1. Lovely to see Irish opinion your blog title, and even more lovely to have understood it without needing the translation. My Irish was appalling in school, but something must have stuck. I wouldn’t have spelled it like that,Mobutu then it depended what county your teacher came from how you learned to spell!


    • Thank you, I’m considering learning Scots Gaelic as a New Year’s resolution. I’ve always been fascinated but know it derives from the Irish. I’m sure some people will wonder why I’d bother learning a language only 1% ish of people speak these days but to me that’s the beauty of it 🙂


  2. This is such a beautiful post and your father’s response to you made me very misty. It’s wonderful to find people who truly care about each other. It’s Christmas morning here and I’m the only one awake in the house so it’s lovely sitting here in the quiet before the ‘rush’. Thoughts of this post will stay with me all day now – thank you so much for sharing 😀


  3. You are blessed, indeed, Tracy. I don’t have to wish you a wonderful Christmas because you have already manifested one for you and your family. {{{Hugs}}} to you and all your loved ones this week and beyond. Kozo.


  4. What a beautiful post! I’d like to offer my thanks to your dad, and your aunts, and all those lovely people, as well. Because they are such wonderful people, you are able to be your full wonderful self, and I have very much enjoyed getting to know you! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you & yours!


    • Thank you dear Rarasaur, I’m very glad to have found you across the ether, you are one very special lady bringing fun, happiness and beautiful pearls of wisdom to everyone who knows you. Wishing you and all those dear to you peace, love and happiness for Christmas and always 🙂


  5. Wonderful, as usual. Christmas is a special time for families and friends alike and although most are separated because of various commitments, or simply distance, we are all together within each others hearts. You have occupied a very special place in my heart from the moment you arrived on our somewhat troubled planet and you will remain there always. Wishing you, your family, your friends – and all those who read this, a very Happy Christmas and a successful and healthier 2013.


    • Thanks Dad, I know you’ll be making sure all those people who are unable to look after themselves are safe, washed, dressed and have eaten on Christmas Day. The true spirit of Christmas, selflessness, compassion and devotion will be visiting them through you this year. Here’s wishing all injured souls around the world a return to full strength and wellness in 2013.


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