Christmas Wishes – Love and Peace

See the stars, diamonds in an ink black sky    

Feel the breeze, an icy breath of winter sighs.

Sing with joy, the words of carols amplify –

Childhood dreams, as reindeer over rooftops fly.


 Love and peace, two precious gifts we cannot buy

Within our grasp, a change we need to sanctify.

Fear and hate, fake prophets to be cast aside –

Choose goodwill, purge human faults and purify.

 Earth is sore, our impact cannot be denied…

Time to change; make peace, don’t fight, be dignified.

Love and peace, two precious gifts we have inside

Use them now; please let’s heal the whole world-wide.

 Childhood dreams, as reindeer over rooftops fly,

Love and peace to unify all humankind.