Penultimate step in the chemo climb completed

M.R.S.A. Staphylococcus aureus on Brilliance M...

M.R.S.A. Staphylococcus aureus on Brilliance MRSA Chromogenic Agar (Photo credit: Nathan Reading)

I had another long day in chemo camp today but am pleased to report number 5 out of 6 is complete and seemed to go smoothly.

My son came along with me and said he found it very informative and also enjoyed the wide-ranging chat we had.

I was branded a trouble-maker as I noticed the MRSA swab pack I’d been given, to check if my suppressed immunity has made me and the other camp interns carriers of the hospital super-bug, was two months beyond its expiry date.  Apparently these kits had only been delivered in the last fortnight.

When the department assistant phoned microbiology she was told to dispose of the out of date kits, two full boxes, and throw away the swabs all today’s patients had already taken. They’ll need to be done again. I’m glad I read the packet before doing mine! This attention to detail comes from developing a beady eye for supermarket produce that’s been subject to poor stock control.

I’m now insomniac beetroot woman once again, high on the dreaded steroids and full of super toxic chemicals.  I did discuss whether I could be a future Bane in the Batman franchise with my son but he doesn’t think I suit the bad-guy character

This evening one of my best friends visited and it was just the tonic required after 5 hours of chemo so tomorrow I’ll pick up on my heavenly graces theme once again with a post about charity















9 thoughts on “Penultimate step in the chemo climb completed

  1. All very best wishes as you enter 2013 with the ‘after affects’ of Taxotere to deal with. At least you are now only one more small climb towards the summit of comleting the chemotherapy and getting your life back! {{{hugs}}} and kisses. Silverback.


    • One more to go…. just one more. I’d like to say it’s been a buzz but that would only be down to the steroids! I’ll certainly be getting my life back and have seen the changes I want to make, so something good can always come from the most dire situations. Love always and big, big hugs xxx


  2. I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your son and your best friend. Funny how angels show up at just the right time. Thank you for finding the expired kits. You never know what could have happened if they used them. Always being the hero. Your definitely no Bane, maybe Catwoman. 🙂


    • My son calls me the mad cat woman because I feed the local stray cats and adopt them if they become tame enough. Someone has to take care of them and they repay me with purrs 🙂


  3. Glad it went well 🙂 I’m like you, always noticing things like that and then being branded a trouble maker. My children are always telling me to shut up!! Does the chemo make you sick?


    • I became very astute when noticing my on-line shopping deliveries had same day or one day use-by on fresh produce…. and it paid off as I’ve been prescribed the wrong drug dosage twice in the past 3 months as well as spotting the expired MRSA kits! Unlike my first set of chemo drugs (FEC), Taxotere doesn’t make me feel sick. It comes with its own gifts – significantly reduced blood counts, joint pains in joints I never knew I had and peripheral neuropathy. It’s not entirely pleasant but it has to be done. I feel sorry for anyone who has to have chemo but especially those who have to have it for long durations and for children/teenagers. Our bodies are remarkable to be able to come through such harsh treatments, but cancer is far more unforgiving so really does have to be treated all guns blazing.


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