This is a poem, or at least an attempt at poetry, in response to this weeks Trifecta Challenge. The aim is to write between 33 and 333 words based on the word survive using its third definition:    to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand <they survived many hardships>

Here goes….


Stuff it! That’s what I do. 

I continue to function

Or prosper despite

The cruelness inflicted by you.

We, my family, withstand

After so many years

Being forced to resist

The hardships and suffering you spew.

Four past generations declined,

Untimely deaths far too soon…

I continue to function, prosper despite

This cancer that’s come to me too.

Your hardships we take in our stride,

Mustered our strength

To pull through

I shalln’t just survive, I will thrive.




27 thoughts on “Survive

    • Merci beaucoup Kozo… I may not be physically strong but my spirit is thanks to all the kindness and support I receive here from very special people like you 🙂


    • Thank you so much, I never realised my words would have so much meaning for other people. I very much appreciate your support, it helps inspire me.


    • I do feel vigorous (which beats rigours!!!) and have discovered a new sense of vitality… Which is strange given I’m in chemo no mans land at the moment. The mind is a curious thing, I think it’s much more powerful than we sometimes credit. Here’s to a brilliant 13 and beyond for us Dad xxx


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