Mulled wine would be nice, the walk will do for now and next year will be another story

I managed a small walk in the snow today but couldn’t see the Shropshire Hills, visibility was poor and snowflakes were still falling to earth persistently.Β  I took a few pretty pictures and in spite of the low temperatures really enjoyed being outside in the cold. There was no noise – as if the snow had pressed a great big mute button making the sounds of the world disappear.

In my mind I desperately wanted to mess about, make a snowman, toboggan across the fields and finish it all off with a nice big glass of warm mulled wine. Sadly common sense caught hold of me before I could get into any mischief today so I settled for the walk followed by a bowl of hot soup.

If it snows like this next year common sense is going out the window. Messing about followed by mulled wine will be right at the top of my agenda πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Mulled wine would be nice, the walk will do for now and next year will be another story

  1. How pretty! I’m so glad you got out for a walk in the winter wonderland. Now that your peach fuzz is coming in, you’ll have an easier time keeping warm. Your mention of mulled wine reminded me of the book, “The 3,000 Mile Garden.” Have you read it? It’s a book of correspondence between an English gardener and an American gardener. At one point, the English garden writes about a neighborhood leaf mulching party. He and his neighbors chopped up their fall leaves and put them into a big compost pile. Knowing that they would generate heat, he put an entire ham in there to cook overnight and then also added a bottle of spiced wine as a mulled wine accompaniment.


    • Here’s a recipe Dianne. It’s nice to perk up the spirits in cold/wet weather – 750ml of red wine, 250ml of orange juice, 100ml of water, 1/2 orange, pare the zest, 5g star anise, 3g cloves, 1g juniper berries, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 cardamom pod, 1 bay leaf. Mix all together in a saucepan, heat for 15 – 20 minutes, strain and serve warm πŸ™‚


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