Special Thank You’s

I have some special thank you’s to say and I confess some are long overdue.

I have no excuses, I am simply disorganised from time to time.  I confess if my head was not so firmly attached to my shoulders it’s possible I would leave it lying around somewhere.  That prospect would be unpleasant because anyone happening across my head would discover a pasty, cone-shaped, lightly peach-fuzzed, eyelashes-less and eyebrow-less scary thing gazing back at them. A secure head-shoulder interface (aka my neck) is therefore something else I’m grateful for.

Thank You’s

First to Ajaytao for the One Lovely Blog +Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Ajaytao, I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to accept this award.  I ran out of words and wanted to find some that express my gratitude.’ Thank you’ didn’t seem sufficient.  This is what I really want to say to you… “Dearest Ajaytao, you are an inspiration to me. You’ve shared information about yourself, about the challenges you’ve had to overcome, about your life and your dear Mum that connect us as true friends even though we are miles apart. You shine a light on every inch of beauty in this world and show us that the most magnificent views are here in plain sight. Your blog is a reflection of your wise, kind soul and warm, generous heart.  Thank you for giving me this award, I am honoured.”


Tuttacronaca.  I believe this means “all news” and at Tuttacronaca that’s exactly what you’ll find.  We’ve been following each other for a while now, I very much appreciate your support and regular visits to FEC-THis.  The richness of news you share, especially the human interest stories, is amazing. There is always something to make me smile (when so much news is bad, sad or both these days). Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!


Some more overdue Thank You’s….

Silverback ~ thank you so much for sticking by me through the tempest that was 2012 and into the minor weather front I’m skipping over in 2013.   Thank you for helping keep my spirits up everyday, being wise and understanding, making me laugh, talking politics with me (I don’t do that with anyone else) and being my biggest Twitteratti because I am by far the worst Twitterer in the world. Most of all, thank you for loving me unconditionally every day of my life and for bringing me up to be an ethical person.   I really am sorry for bringing this darkness back into your life, I promise to wield the feisty-stick and thrash it out forever.

DD, KW, SM, MG, NT, NN, PK, PM, MD, GM, HB, JH, GM, HJ, GL ~ you’ve kept in touch with me throughout my exile, you’ve sent me messages of encouragement, hope and love, given gifts, written songs, shared funny stories from your everyday lives, kept me up to date with “the madness.” You’ve researched things for me, taken a stand against injustice, made me cry with laughter and brightened some very dark days. Thank you for being truly wonderful people and great friends, I am lucky to know you all.

AG, LS, AP, AJ, J – it doesn’t matter if we’re in different towns or on different continents, geography is irrelevant because you’ve been here for me. Some people complain about their families, my only complaint is that locations mean we don’t get to see each other as much as I’d like.  Your love is without borders and you are always in my heart. Thank you for being the best family I could ever wish for.

My fellow bloggers – whether you visit every day or once in a while, I notice you’re here and I value your support more than you know. The power of a like or a comment can never be underestimated, especially when you’re climbing Everest in flip-flops and a sarong! Thank you for reading my ramblings, for taking time from your lives to help me with mine and for sharing an amazing array of blogs with me that teach me so much every day.

In accepting these blogging awards I’m meant to say some things about myself and make some nominations for fellow bloggers.  I normally follow the rules but on this occasion I’m going to bend them a little.  You can find my ‘potted history’ in the ‘A woman who…’ page. I’m a person who believes in small kindnesses, the power of positive thought and smiling in the face of adversity.  I’ve done a lot of smiling, a smile a day keeps the Dr at bay…. it’s a shame it doesn’t work on the tax collector  🙂

I’d like to nominate the following folks for One Lovely Blog +Very Inspiring Blogger



Scriptor Obscura Writes

Professions for PEACE

Plays Well With Words

And these folks for Versatile Blogger

Every Day Another Story

K M Huber’s Blog


EL Appleby: Short Stories

Duck? Starfish? but… 23

I will have missed many people from my thank you’s and it’s not deliberate. Please know that I am so grateful for your kindness, love and support. I’ve also missed many bloggers from my award nominations and again it’s not deliberate. Please know that every blog I read is a work of art, you all deserve thank you’s for sharing and many, many awards.

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