Happy Shopping

I was on my way back from the dentists when I saw a strange sight.  I live in a rural area so really shouldn’t be surprised by these things but they do make me laugh.  I’m not sure if this fella is going in to buy some stamps, collect his pension or check his Euromillions lottery numbers.  I think he’ll fit through the doorway (but there won’t be much room with him inside!)

Let me in

In other news, the visit to Dr C. today was positive.  He says I’m on ‘maintenance herceptin’ from here on so it’s more a preventative kind of approach rather than treating any malingering disease – chemo should’ve taken care of that.  It’s the best outcome I could have expected from today and now I just have to be vigilant and look out for any signs of changes or things that feel different.  When you have a replacement boob made of silicon sitting beneath a layer of pig intestine covered by a couple of millimetres of your own flesh, things feel different every day. Apparently I will notice if there’s any change and I suspect having been on the breast cancer merry-go-round once, I’ll be even more aware of strange dimples, bumps or lumps. It’s hard not to be completely paranoid about every tiny thing but hopefully with time that feeling will pass.

I may be off-line for a few days.  Tomorrow my son moves into his new flat.  Compared to his 6ft x 9ft student hovel in a shared house that really ought to be gutted and thoroughly overhauled, the flat will seem like the Palace of Versailles.  The carpet won’t be sticky either. I’ve never been a fan of sticky carpets… how is it possible to make a carpet stickier than Krazy Glue and worse still, why leave it that way and expect the tenant to put up with it?  Bizarre.    This weekend I’ll be turning my hand to home furnishings and the wonders of flat-pack furniture instructions.  My son has also asked me to take him shopping  in between his 11 a-side football match and his futsal match.  With so much going on I just hope I can still keep up with the pace!