The ones we have lost

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They’re here by the sea, on the sand and the shore

In the world that we know, they may not be seen

But their spirits live on in our hearts and our dreams

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They’re here in the clouds, a sun ray and rainfall

In the world that we know,  they may not be heard

Their voices live on through the sweet song of birds

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They wait by our side until our curtain call


When our time comes, then we shall be

Walking the shore, hand in hand by the sea.

In memory of my very special Grandfather (whose birthday fell on 17th February) and my dearest and deeply missed Mother (whose birthday fell on 19th February).

14 thoughts on “The ones we have lost

  1. It’s nearly been five years now since I “lost” my mom to mbc and so this is a lovely thing for me to read today – or any day. Thank you.


  2. Simply wonderful words Tracy. The death of a loved one removes their physical being but never removes them from our thoughts and our memories. Love transcends everything and as long as we continue to love those who have been taken from us they are never truly lost, they are just waiting for us to join them. Much love always. Dad xxx


    • Thank you Rick, it is always touching to know that my thoughts (captured in words) have meaning for other people and strike a chord that resonates more widely.


  3. I just found your blog and want to thank you for your honesty and candour regarding your journey. I start my FEC-TH regimen on Friday after receiving my diagnosis on Feb 1st at the age of 41. As I am still incredibly angry, I find your title very appropriate. I just had to laugh out loud and it’s become a bit of a mantra! Humour in the face of adversity will only help. Thank you and good luck as you recover!


    • I’m so sorry you’re also going through this Shane, I would not wish it on anyone ever. If I can help you at all then please get in touch, my email is in my gravatar or you can reach me through comments. Even though I’ve completed chemo, I’m still to complete herceptin and will need more surgery too. FEC-THis has become my mantra, for the cancer malarkey and a number of other things that take time and energy but add no value in the grand scheme of things. I’ve found humour (sometimes dark humour) the best way to deal with situations that are sometimes overwhelming and disorienting. I hope you make swift progress through this journey and come out the other side sticking two fingers up to this most wicked of diseases. Know that you aren’t alone, I am rooting for you every step of the way, Tracy


  4. Hi Tracy what lovely words ,i think of those we have lost too and know in my heart we shall all be together again oneday Aunty linda xxx


    • Hello lovely Aunty Linda (I’m very lucky to have my Aunties 🙂 ) I remember you told me once that the pain of lost loved ones doesn’t leave us or get better over time contrary to popular sayings. Its just that we just find a way to keep going because life carries on. Having plenty of experience on the losses front, I think what you told me is true. I do believe the ones we’ve lost are not far away though and we’ll all be together in the end. There are some bonds that can’t be broken. Lots of love to you, Tracy xxx


    • Many thanks for your kind comments. I’m not a brilliant poet, it’s an art form I’m trying to practice and hope I might get better at over time. This is a subject close to my heart, so bringing my feelings and thoughts to words can be challenging.


  5. So beautiful, thank you. Makes me think of my parents, and my brother in law. I suppose as we age, it’s good that our hearts grow larger with memories of loved ones. Thanks again for such beautiful words. and you’ve given me an idea for a future post. hope you are doing well.



    • Thank you Elaine. The loss of loved ones is so difficult for us and often it seems so unfair and untimely. I no longer fear death after many years having a visceral hatred for it and how it has decimated my family. I miss those I’ve lost but I don’t feel the terrible absence anymore, I sense their love and hear their words of wisdom. I know I’m lucky to retain those connections through my memories. When my time comes I hope my family will see beyond the sadness and know even though my physical form will disappear, I’ll never really leave them and will never ever stop loving them. I hope you’re doing well too xoxox


  6. They are also in your words and your heart, Tracy. Beautiful. Makes me think of my grandfathers. Thank you for this powerful reminder that we are loved in so many ways. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • We are indeed loved in many ways Kozo and the material event of our death doesn’t mean that love has to stop. In this sense none of us is ever ‘gone’ but its taken me a very long time and much trauma to understand that. Sending much love to you, you’re a very special BBF.


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