Say goodbye to the crocuses… for now

I would like to thank everyone for sending messages of support over the past few days. I felt I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, a weight that was threatening to crush me.  The major issues haven’t gone away but I’m establishing how to deal with them and having a plan always helps make me feel better.  A downside of holding positive hopes for the future is the impact when someone else needlessly sweeps them away… there are a lot of unnecessary situations going on right now.  I have three words for those who are causing this unwarranted stress.

Shame on you.

Although it is now officially Spring in the UK, the weather has forgotten which season we’re in. I woke to 12 inches of snow and its been snowing most of  the day. Outside its bitterly cold so much so that my half cats (they only count as half because they usually spend their time living outdoors)  have become whole cats sitting by the fire and refusing to venture into the garden unless absolutely necessary.


Just prior to the return of winter, crocuses were starting to bloom in my garden.  Now they are buried under a thick blanket of snow.  I suspect the open flowers won’t make it through the cold spell, their hope of continued blooming over a warm Easter weekend has been stifled.  Crocuses are very resilient little plants though and I think the unopened buds will sit tight beneath the snow and be ready to open once warmer weather makes an appearance.

The crocus flowers reminded me that although some things may now be lost and irrecoverable, other buds still maintain possibilities.  If I weather the snow storm those possibilities will have their chance to bloom.

12 thoughts on “Say goodbye to the crocuses… for now

  1. Sorry to hear you are having problems but try to stay strong .Love the crocus I have lots in my garden too at moment ,such a pretty flower one of my favourites .Think of you often and I ask your Dad for up dates ,xxxx


    • It is far from great and sometimes I feel very low but fortunately I seem to be tough inside – like old mutton – probably another effect of the chemo! I’m doing my best to stay positive in spite of things. I still can’t see my crocuses, they’re still smothered in snow. I hope you’re doing OK. Sending lots of love xxx


  2. The resiliency of the crocuses reflects you, Tracy. I know you will survive this unfair, unexpected “cold front.” Just remember that ice is water when it melts. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  3. Tracy, The spring will appear – like Santa who becomes unemployed after Christmas, he is bound to reappear again. The beautiful pictures in your post is reminder of how beautiful world can be. I sent some “get-well” thoughts your way so you would feel Spring and whistle even with a shoe full of snow. Take care, my friend.


    • I’m mobile blogging at the moment so will be posting cat pictures as soon as I’m back at my laptop. There are lots of them…, it will keep me posting for weeks 🙂


    • Thanks Elizabeth. I’m doing my best to keep going in spite of things…. Things that will (hopefully) be resolved soon. I hope all is well with you, I haven’t visited your blog for a few days so need to catch up on your news and Dr Welks progress reports.


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