A simple poem: devious plans


Storm (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

She walks by the river

Slowly she treads

Scarf round her neck

Hat on her head

Just a slither of light

Falls down on her face

With eyes cast low

She picks up her pace

Storm clouds now gather

A bitter rain falls

Alone in a nightmare

No justice, no laws

The twenty first century

Held such hope

But now there is nothing

To keep her afloat

She smiles at a stranger

Who hurries right by

This child from a manger

Condemned to die

Loved ones will mourn her

Tears will be shed

Those without honour

Brought forth her sad death

Her blood on their hands

Yet they show no remorse

Their deviant plans

Drowned out her life force

15 thoughts on “A simple poem: devious plans

    • Thank you Leisha, you know what this is like and how sometimes its easier to express yourself through stories or poems than it is to sit down and talk about it. sending you love, Tracy xxx


    • Hi Diane, hope you’re still making good progress with the RUC. Difficult things can sometimes be best expressed in poetry – or at least I find that to be the case. Fortunately not every day is as difficult as the one that inspired the poem 🙂


  1. We will keep her afloat. I have a quiver of surfboards that I no longer use. We can build a raft. We are here. We love her, this child from the manger. She is our savior. She will never be forsaken. She is loved. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


    • dear Kozo, another rare knight if ever there was one. She may reach out to you for that surfboard raft if the time should ever come… big hugs to you too my friend


    • Your thoughts do carry weight Maurice as do your words. I find myself transported when I read your blog. I’m in amongst the snow or the moose on the road, up above the islets and the rocky coves. Sometimes I’m even in the classroom being a student again. Escaping from here to there is sometimes very cathartic…


      • Thank-you. My second – last one describes a very moving experience I had recently. As part of my work I had the opportunity to interview a holocaust survivor. Though I’d read his book I was still blown away by the intensity of the experience.


    • thank you Catherine. I was by a river and I was feeling ground to a pulp… unlike me but just like everyone else there is a limit to how much ‘stuff’ I can deal with. Fortunately although not perfect things have improved this week. Thanks you for your love and support, it means a lot.


  2. Aww Tracy, I wish I was there to give you a hug. Is it bad news, the weight of what is going on or all of the above? I’m sending you the most positive thoughts and strength. I know it won’t help your situation but you should know you are not alone.


    • There have been a series of unfortunate events and difficult situations Mae… just shortly out of chemo when I hoped things would be looking up and for a moment (many moments) they looked bleaker than ever. I’m hoping the phrase “this too shall pass” is coming my way soon. I think it is and I’m holding out for it. Thank you so much for your support and for being here.


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