2013 brings… blogging awards

Its time for me to say thank you to some fellow bloggers.  2013 might be proving to be a pain in the a*** for me personally but I’m grateful for these nominations and glad folks continue to enjoy my ramblings even when I’ve been less upbeat than usual.

Firstly Ajaytao – I bow and thank you for the Most Influential Blogger Award.  Ajaytao has an amazing blog of photographs, phrases, sayings and pearls of wisdom.  Go take a look, you won’t be disappointed.


Next Shaun  at Praying for one day for the Tag You’re It award.  This reminds me of playing tag in the school playground… it was a long time ago!!  Shaun has some health challenges too, he blogs about it alongside other interesting articles and observations. Go visit him.


Also thanks to Seeker for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. Seeker has a great blog and is  part of bloggers for peace. Stop by and visit for some thought-provoking posts.


And to Cristi for the Liebster blog award.  Simple. Interesting  is entertaining, interesting and informative.  Definitely worth visiting because you’ll find a wealth of information and lovely pictures there.  Thanks for this award Cristi 🙂


I’ve said before that I’m not always good at following rules and if I were to rigidly follow the rules for all these awards I’d end up answering questions, posing questions and making award nominations to fellow bloggers for the rest of this month. I’d love to do that but I don’t have the time right now because…

I had a hiccup with my herceptin treatment on Friday and now have to go back to see Dr C the oncologist tomorrow to decide what to do about the issues I’m experiencing.  I’ll write about all that jazz separately but it means I’m bending the rules a bit and taking a different approach with these awards.

I nominate the folks below for blogging awards and they can choose all or any of the above for their blogs if they wish to do so because they’re certainly worthy of recognition  I appreciate their writing, photography and insights very much.  Well done to you all and I hope you’ll enjoy an award or two (or even all four 🙂 )

Bite Size Canada

Living with ADHD

1Earth United

Not Down or Out

Cancer will be my bitch


Pondering Spawned

Tracie Louise Photography

The Great American Landscape

Not all about cats

Just a Brit with a camera

Diana Gray Author

Purple Rays






13 thoughts on “2013 brings… blogging awards

    • Thank you Kristin, I am very behind with the accepting and posting (and reading and commenting) but hopefully things will improve over the weeks ahead


    • Thanks Diane. I really do seem to have become a medical trial in more ways than one. Thank goodness for a resilient streak is all I can say. I hope all is well for you, keep telling us about the RUC 🙂


  1. thank you so much Tracy but remember we are friends and that is the most important thing in our lives nothing else counts


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