Guest Post: Heather Von St. James, Mesothelioma.

In December 2012 I hosted a guest post for Cameron Von St. James about his wife, Heather, and their experience following Heather’s diagnosis of mesothelioma.  This form of cancer is caused by asbestos, has a low treatment success rate and often leads to death within a matter of months.  Heather was diagnosed shortly after giving birth to her only daughter, she was just 36 years old at the time.

Cameron recently contacted me to ask if I’d share a video Heather has put together to continue raising awareness of mesothelioma which offers a means to help others know what to do when faced with this diagnosis.  You can find Heather’s very moving story in the video here:

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At the end of this short film you’ll also find a compilation of other videos. Heather’s video titled “The value of my life in Dollars and Tears” is also worth watching. It explains honestly and openly the true cost of facing cancer, the losses that result from this disease not only for the patient but for those around them. It highlights in dollars and tears the array of life changes that are irreversible and enduring.

Heather’s story is, at its core,  one of hope and she very eloquently sheds light on two subjects that continue to be misunderstood – mesothelioma and the true cost of cancer.