Doing a happy dance :-)

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post, doing any form of dancing right now is beyond my capabilities.  Imagining all sorts of things including  happy dancing through the house, around the garden and off into the sunset is well within my ability though  🙂

Some kindly WordPress folks nominated me for a bunch of blogging awards so I’m sitting here with a lovely smorgasbord of blog delights that make me feel like doing the happy dance even if my knees, ankles and hips reject any such notion.  Cancer treatment side-effects are such a pain the ****. I’ve been terribly remiss in accepting these awards and have no valid explanation aside from work-place happenings,  job interviews, assessment days, post-treatment check-ups, volunteer work, gardening, finger and knee immobility, helping out with a few activities for friends who are very busy and a plethora of household chores.  Oh and chemobrain which has made me somewhat disorganised, disoriented and determined to do good in the world even if I can’t remember what day of the week it is!

The Awards

My first big thank you goes to Ajaytao for the Inner Peace Award.


This award holds special meaning because inner peace isn’t something I was born with or have easily gained access to throughout my life.

My school years were difficult and just when I thought life might turn out to be OK everything shifted, twisted inside out and upside down. My Mum was diagnosed and subsequently died from cancer treatment complications. I was young – she was young too and the whole situation was inconceivably unfair. It made me deeply sad and desperately angry.

Inner peace is something I devote conscious attention to because turmoil and heartache have always enveloped the natural course of my life. They  frequently threaten to overthrow me given the tiniest opportunity. Inner peace is my haven. It keeps me coherent and rational.  It tells me whatever happens I shall not be overwhelmed by madness.


The next awards come from Shaun at Praying for One Day.  Shaun is my friend in Scotland and although we’ve never met we share some heritage.  The blood of Celts runs in my veins, love of mountains, moors and lochs is in my heart.  The first award is the Best Moment Award.


 The rules for this award include an acceptance speech so here goes…”Every moment matters yet no-one stops to tell us how important each and every moment was, is or has yet to be. We come into the world without an instruction manual or guide-book for making the most of our moments.  As children we barely consider them, summers seem endless and life stretches before us like an unending daisy-chain.  We never consider that our moments on this wonderful planet are fleetingly brief. We don’t realise time is never on our side.  As we get older we begin to appreciate the moments, we recognise their significance and store memories of special times. Happy memories make us smile.  Time is never on our side so remember to make the most of every single moment.  Teach your children how special they are and how valuable every moment, even the tricky ones, really is.  Thank you Shaun for this moment to reflect on all that has ever mattered and to be grateful for every second of time I get to have here on Earth.”

Shaun also kindly nominated me for the Shine On award Shine-on and the Bouquet of Seven Awards. These include the following:

7 awards

I’m very touched that Shaun considered me worthy of such acknowledgement so I’m sending a big thank you all the way to Edinburgh along with a chuckle at my happy dance !

Last but by no means least, Kia Ora Danni at DanniGNT’s blog for passing on the Sunshine Award sunshineaward_sm1. Danni’s blog headline says “Look for the good in the world and you will find it…” go visit and you’ll soon find that’s very true 🙂  Thanks Danni, you made my day.

All of these awards have different rules and I am not so good at adhering to them.  It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s not because I can’t be bothered. It’s because I am always in awe of the talent, honesty, insight, passion and knowledge displayed by all of my blogging companions and leaving anyone out seems… wrong.  So I nominate all of my followers and passers-by to pick up an award as a mark of my thanks to you for being here.  I nominate everyone I follow to pick up an award for being amazing writers, artists, photographers, story-tellers, survivors, fighters, saviours.

I cannot list everyone here so to ensure that thanks continues to be given amongst the WordPress community I specifically nominate the folks below:

Bouquet of Seven Awards

Cancer in my Thirties
High and Tight in Brixham
Mainely Hopeful
Mae’s Day

Inner Peace Award

Dglassme’s Blog
The Sarcastic Boob
Telling Knots
Cancer will be my bitch

Best Moment Award

Duck? Starfish? but 23…
Not Down or Out

Shine On Award

Dianne Gray Author

Ohm Sweet Ohm

Sunshine Award

Simple Tangles

Tracie Louise Photography
Gifts of the Journey
Day One

Now its time to go off and do that happy dance 🙂


10 thoughts on “Doing a happy dance :-)

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  2. That’s really thoughtful of you to pass on so much good and positive spirit and helps explain your wealth of awards for blogging. We appreciate reading about your experiences and hearing your well spoken viewpoints on so many critical questions. Thanks!


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