un jour très heureux

Lunch.  It happens in the middle of the day typically between 12 noon and 2pm in the UK but for the past four years I barely had chance to experience it.  The long gap between breakfast and dinner probably played havoc with my sugar levels and metabolic rate; who knows what else it impinged on.  Since deciding to take this summer off I’m experiencing and thoroughly enjoying the concept lunch. My lunchtime can be anywhere from 11.30am and 4pm because I’m not compelled to fit around anyone else’s schedule, particularly endless meetings that go on too long and achieve too little.

Yesterday I caught up with two friends for lunch in Ledbury, a pretty town just over 20 miles away that’s full of quirky old buildings and quaint little alleyways. We had crepes and salad in the garden of a tiny French bistro while enjoying 31 degree sunshine and brilliant blue skies. Five years ago the three of us worked together in a telecommunications company.  We were younger, none of us had turned 40 and we hadn’t experienced the various life events of the past few years – new babies, career changes, relocation and regaining wellness.  Financially we were all successful career women earning good salaries but the corporate world ruled our lives.  We rarely had chance to spend the money we worked so hard for and lunch was virtually unheard of. When we weren’t working the chances were that we were talking about work!

Five years on and one of us runs a holiday letting business as well as being a full-time Mum, another is setting up her own company while studying for an MBA and I’m taking summer off to make good on some long overdue promises I now have the opportunity to keep. Times have changed and although none of us has the potential spending power we held back in 2008, its obvious we’re all happier, more relaxed and genuinely enjoying our lives morning, noon and night. Meeting up to have lunch at our own pace in agreeable surroundings while we talked about living (not working) made for a very happy day.

When I returned home I found Maurice at Duck? Starfish? but…23   had kindly introduced me to SuperBetter. Working through a few of the introductory stages I was drawn to the following:

“It turns out that having someone on your side – 

  • someone who makes you smile,
  • who you can be yourself around, and
  • who you can ask for help

– actually improves your physical well-being more than starting an exercise program or losing weight and it helps your health as much as quitting a pack-a-day cigarette habit. It seems there’s scientific evidence behind these claims and I also know from experience that spending time with people I’m relaxed around and who make me smile gives an enormous boost to the spirit. That can only be a good thing and it seems SuperBetter thinks so too 🙂


6 thoughts on “un jour très heureux

  1. I’m glad you liked Super Better. I discovered it while doing some research of my own. Regular work (from which I’m retiring at the end of August), coupled with doing the ‘summer maintenance’ on the house (last few nights I’ve been scraping the eaves & will paint them this weekend, for example; painted some rooms; have yet to: replace tiles in kitchen, replace some windows; replace roof of shed; install new door & window in shed, etc.) have been keeping me from writing. The hour or so I get have been spent on note taking. Along the way, though, there was “super better” and right away I knew someone who’d appreciate it :>)

    As for lunch, I find myself in full agreement with your sentiments. Just this past week I ran into two old friends: Frank, a long time colleague who works with me but is stationed 4 h away and Harvey, one of my physics profs (my favourite one) from back in the day. The two of them, as it turns out, have been two of my own ‘heroes’ so it was such a pleasure… We made plans to meet for lunch in two weeks when Frank is back in town for a week. I can’t wait 🙂

    All the best!


    • DIY, yes we have lots to do too – eaves, fascias, replace the back door threshold, maintain the garden… It never stops. This year I’ll finally get round to re-painting the garage doors too. But there has to be time for lunch. I’ve come to realise that those moments no matter how brief are some of the most important. Enjoy your lunch Maurice, the summer maintenance can step aside for one day 🙂


  2. This is just wonderful, Tracy. There’s nothing better than relaxing over lunch with friends. I left a high pressure job last November and I’ve never looked back. Lunches where you don’t talk about work and have to rush back are the best!


  3. I’m so glad that you are finding time for yourself and your friends Tracy. A more ‘balanced’ approach to life has to have many benefits. I hope you continue on the path of ‘wellness’ as it is the most important goal in life. Wishing you success, happiness and ‘wellness’. Dad xxx


    • Wellness is the mission Dad, for as long as possible. And the odd lunch with you doesn’t go amiss either… We must do it again before I’m wrapped up in work come September. (Its also good for you to have a break) lots of love xxx


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