Curiously carefree

Curiosity killed the cat, or so the saying goes. Hopefully it isn’t true!

A curious mind is an active mind; granted its also a mind that can send its owner on seemingly pointless quests for information about things that might never be useful but how boring would life be if everything we learn has to serve a serious purpose?  Having spent far too long dealing with the humorless subject of cancer and the acerbic extras that go along with it, serious is something I’m oh so familiar with… and very happy to say goodbye to.

I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life with a mind that’s cluttered with flotsam and jetsam simply because curiosity gets the better of me. I don’t really care if words like serious, critical, perilous or grim never enter my vocabulary again. Happy go lucky (or unlucky), either way it is what it is so there’s no point fretting. I’m convinced our attitude towards ourselves, life, love and everything around us plays a big part in the way we feel so solemn isn’t welcome here; I opt for lighthearted, emancipated and zesty 🙂

This image seems quite fitting. I was curious about the building that I’ve taken the photograph through. I thought it might be some kind of quayside gaol for drunken sailors. It’s real purpose is rather more macabre. As well as serving as the pilots look-out, the ‘dead mans hut’  doubled as a mortuary for the bodies of those lost at sea until such time as burial could be arranged. The building in the distance is part of the harbour fortifications, possibly a remnant from the war. More flotsam and jetsam for the curiously carefree mind.



8 thoughts on “Curiously carefree

  1. I can relate so much to this post. I was thinking yesterday that this cancer mess has consumed nearly all of my thoughts over the past few months. Every question I search on the internet, every article I read, every conversation I have seems to gravitate around a drug, a treatment, or a side effect. I used to buy silly magazines for fun and drink mocha lattes without worrying about whether I was “feeding” rogue cells. I miss those days, and I look forward to having a life without cancer.


    • I still read about it too, I subscribe to Science Daily and a few other ‘specialist’ sites. I stopped visiting the HER2 forum regularly because to be honest it was just too sad for me a lot of the time, too many people having to deal with mets and the prospect of a dramatically limited lifespan. Strangely I no longer pay too much attention to the news, politics or current affairs. Instead I focus on the ordinary and beautiful things I come across each day, simple things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I’m glad to wake up, see the sky and know I’m still here, almost in one piece and getting on with things instead of constantly worrying over cancer. I finally got to grips with the fact that thinking about it and worrying over it won’t change anything so I’m doing my best to put some distance between the ‘cancer days’ and me. I very much hope that brighter, lighter days come along for you too soon and the dark cloud of cancer fades far away on the horizon.


  2. “Lighthearted, emancipated and zesty.” Now that sounds much more like the Tracy I know and love. You were born with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Even ‘flotsam and jetsam’ have their place in our overall understanding of the world. Always wanting to know more is what makes us what we are. ‘Why, How and Where’ were always part of your vocabulary and long may they continue to be. The quest for knowledge is what makes us different as a species and curiosity is definately a good thing. Enjoy your vacation and become refreshed in both body and spirit. With love always. Dad xxx


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