Riding the Currents

gull 2013-05-08 20-24-

I took this photograph back in the summer. I was on a boat and the gull had been following us for some time.  I watched it ride the thermals, perfectly adjusting its speed and direction in line with the vessel, gradually edging closer until it made the kind of elegant, graceful touch-down that land animals (like me) can only dream about.  I might be able to talk, write, create art and music but I’m still in awe of this gull and its ability to ride the currents. Life is, after all, an experiment in riding the currents.

For a number of reasons the summer seems a long way away now. Three weeks ago I started my new job. That, a partial relocation and attending to family matters has kept me from the blog (and reading everyone else’s blogs)  for longer than I’d hoped. At the moment there are many conflicting currents to ride and I’m nowhere near as proficient as the gull when it comes to gliding in and out of the thermals.

The new job deserves some posts in its own right. In truth it probably deserves a blog of its own. Despite the challenges, and there are many, working in an organisation that makes a positive contribution to society by offering people educational experiences that equip them to follow their dreams is much more aligned with my values than working somewhere focused solely on profitability.  Or selling people things they don’t need and might never get benefit from. Or encouraging them to get into debt that they’ll never be able to repay. So although there is a lot to do, to shape up and sort out, the underlying purpose of the organisation is an honourable one. The people I’m working with are good, smart, diligent and human. That counts for a lot.

The partial relocation has been a little disorienting and it involves a lot of extra curricular activity; cleaning, decorating and generally making the place a warm and comfortable environment.  The fact that we took possession two days before I started the new job meant condensed timescales. The first week was more like an adventure in indoor camping.

Now I work at IT things, people things and process things during the week and put on my best Bob the Builder impression all weekend, every weekend. Fortunately I like repairing plaster work, filling gaps around sockets, window sills and places where other people’s pictures used to be. I also like painting. I can happily paint from 8am to 8pm without a break and that is just as well because every wall in the house needs painting. I do begin to get bored on the third coat though… and I still can’t work out why the previous occupants had so much Sellotape stuck to every ceiling. It’s as if someone was attempting to be Spider-Man!

Maybe one day my life will be simple. Get up, go to work, go home, go to sleep.  Or hopefully in the distant future get up, do whatever I want all day, go to sleep. Until then I have to practice riding the currents because it seems I’ll be multi-tasking, time-shifting and putting plans B, C and D into operation on a fairly regular basis. Then again, I’d probably get bored if everything was simple and plan A was the only plan I needed 🙂


13 thoughts on “Riding the Currents

    • Plan A would definitely be welcome. Easy would be good too but like you I never seem to be party to anything that hasn’t got at least one element of complexity attached!


  1. Tracy, your new position sounds like it will be so much better for you.

    Your posts are always a welcome visitor in my life, whenever you have time to write one. In the periods inbetween, please know that you are in my thoughts and in the warm wishes I hold for you in my heart. -Eliz.


  2. Nice to see you back. I’d noticed a long spell since your last post but chaulked it up to the new job. I didn’t figure there’s be a move in there too. Persevere.
    I like the imagery of riding life’s currents and yes, it certainly takes all of the things we can muster up–patience, skill and a little help from others. Through it all, though, the trip is always worth it. Scars sort of heal over and leave us a bit tougher and, as for the god times–well we just learn to treasure them more and more.
    I like the sound of your new job.
    I also like the sound of the possibility of it leading to a new blog. After all the fecking fecker that you’ve been battling is out of the way so you might as well replace his un-mourned absence with something good.
    Wishing you all the best as you start down this wickedly exciting brand-new road…


    • Yes, you’re right Maurice, the trip is always worth it even if the journey is long and convoluted. You’ve been an inspiration for the new job, an excellent mentor from afar and I’ve learnt a good deal from your insights and experiences. I will give some thought to the new blog idea. I have a funny attachment to this one and cannot make my mind up whether to continue here or start afresh. Afresh is tempting for many reasons, not least of which the imaginary blank canvas it would provide. Staying here seems to have an unexpected hold though – like being fascinated by the scar from a big shark bite and refusing plastic surgery. FEC-THis marks an unintended skirmish with a class A predator, bigger and tougher than me yet with some gritting of teeth and support from dear friends far and near I survived to tell the tale 🙂


  3. If you don’t have a plan B, you don’t have a plan. Although I agree plans C and D are perhaps a little superfluous.

    Will drop you an email – apologies I have been rubbish


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