Higepigtig – International Label Day


Rara over at Rarasaur invented the concept of International Label Day. Last year Pollyanna was my label. I was playing the glad game in spite of everything. Everything consisted of loss: physical, emotional, social and sacred. Life was bleak yet hope and gladness lingered on.

I still play the glad game. Glad for the days I have, the extra time I spend with my beautiful son, glad of the daily phone calls from my darling Dad (21st November will always be your day first and foremost… happy birthday Dad!) I’m glad to walk a bit further with a little less pain, to see another winter and freeze my fingers scraping early morning frost from the car. Glad to breathe, sleep and wake.

For International Label Day 2013 I’ve chosen Higepigtig. It’s an Old English word that means determined.

To fortify that which was lost.
To retain a warm-heart in cold times.
To see a thousand silver linings in every cloud.
To offer hope and solace unreservedly.
To live long before leaving.
To leave no broken hearts behind.


11 thoughts on “Higepigtig – International Label Day

    • I was thinking about you a lot recently, reading through your posts in the bit of time I get between work and sleep. You’re one of the first people I found here and I’m so glad I did. Life has a funny way of drawing people together when they least expect it, even when they’re oceans away. Keep shining, creating and writing dear friend πŸ™‚


      • I guess we were sensing each other then. I’m happy I took a chance at writing that post inspired by your words. It feels even better knowing that someone thinks of me the same way as I do them. I wanted to write you but couldn’t find your email on your site. Do you mind sending it to me? There’s a link to my email on my blog. I’ll understand if you choose not to.


    • I wonder if higepigtig grows with age and wisdom. I’ve always had a bit of it but have certainly developed more in the past couple of years. Here’s wishing a bit more for all of us.


  1. Sounds like a good fit. Perhaps it was made stronger by the ordeal but something tells me that label chose you long before.
    Now, as far as scraping frosted windows goes, with snow falling outside the window as I peck this out on the phone, nope-that’s something I’d swap for πŸ™‚


    • I don’t know why but I like snow. I regularly fall over in it and being tall I tend to hurt more than just my pride. The last time I took my car out in it someone smashed into me (fortunately the car is as tough as I am – living in the country made me chose carefully!) So although snow and I have a one way relationship – I like it, it causes trouble for me – I can’t help but be just a tint bit envious Maurice. You do get much more snow than we do though and your temperatures are, I think, much colder but I’ve learnt from your blog that the folks of Newfoundland are a higepigtig community too and long may that continue.


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