Monthly Peace Challenge – Party On Garth!

This is the final B4Peace challenge of 2013 and before getting in the party spirit I want to reflect on why Bloggers for Peace captured my heart so easily. I want to live a peaceful life, one where compassion, understanding and acceptance prevail. But I’d like more than that. I’d like amity, kindness and tolerance for all humanity.  It may be a big ask but we’re in the 21st Century, allegedly ‘civilised,’ so we ought to be able to achieve it. Recent re-runs of Star Trek (I’m a geeky sci-fi type) drew my attention to an ongoing unpleasant truth about humankind. Whilst some of us are kind many are not. 200,000 years worth of evolution has yet to abate all our more primitive, combative and intolerant behaviours. We still abuse, torture and kill a variety of other animals as well as members of our own species. That’s not a great advertisement for humanity.  An alien visiting today would find we haven’t improved much since the 1960’s when Star Trek’s aliens thought humans were too aggressive and dispassionate to play any role in the wider universe.

We can change this. If more of us say no to violence, oppression and ignorance we will have a kinder, more supportive and understanding society. We can change this if we want it badly enough and accept 200,000 years of fighting isn’t something to be proud of. We can change this if we educate our children to love themselves and one another, irrespective of differences whatever they happen to be. If  we don’t stand up for peace, compassion, tolerance and understanding who else will?

OK, so now it’s time to party. This party can be a rave or casual dinner party, a picnic or a peace-walk, celebrate in whatever way suits you best because everyone is invited and we’re going there virtually.

Our location is an arboretum, to remind us we are just one of many species on this planet with a right to live life fully, compassionately and peaceably. The words of the great peace-makers of our world whisper from the branches of every tree and if you listen you’ll hear songs like Imagine, Get Together, Peace Train and Love is All Around. You’ll also hear laughter, lots of laughter, because people from all walks of life are celebrating.

We’ve given peace a chance and it’s paying off, travelling around the world faster than stories about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  All the dollars we used to spend on war (or protecting against war) have been redirected to humanitarian causes. So we’re closer to ending poverty, curing cancer, dementia and other degenerative illnesses, and we’re about to solve the problem of homelessness for all those sleeping without shelter this winter. We’ve made more progress than at any time in our history because we stood up for peace. Join the party, make it happen  🙂





9 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge – Party On Garth!

  1. Love this Tracy, especially the arboretum. I don’t know what it is, but Star Trek has been all over my radar lately. I have been thinking about reviving the Vulcan mind transfer as a practice of empathy and compassion. I tried it with my 3 year old son, but he thought I was being weird. Thank you so much for all the peace and understanding you have brought to the world through this blog. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


    • Thank you Kozo. There is something special about trees, they have stories to tell, they create safe harbour and sustain the planet. I try the Vulcan mind transfer with the cats – they are better at it than I and suddenly without thinking I am offering them pilchards, chicken and cream 🙂 Sending peace a love to you and your family


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  3. Another great piece of writing Tracy and you are so right about the world and the way it is today. You would think the human race has learnt something by now,i hope your Christmas is a peaceful and happy one and that 2014 will be good to you love to you all Aunty Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Thank you Aunty Linda, I hope we do learn – its not before time! Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, hope you are taking care, love Tracy xoxoxoxo


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