Dear Walmart employees

Its been a while since I reblogged someone else’s post but this one strikes so many chords I just had to. From the underpaid cashier to the indifferent manager, the customer service failure to the complacency and mindlessness. And yes, pre-cancer I’d have stood there silently fuming of overcompensating if someone else made a fuss but life just isn’t like that any more because time is too precious to waste.


I have been a long time supporter of your quest for a living wage. I have been outraged on your behalf when I hear that many of you have to depend on food stamps to feed your own families or have your hours cut so you work just below the threshold for benefits.  I’ve tried not supporting Walmart but if everyone boycotted you would be out of a job completely, wouldn’t you?  It’s not your fault the corporation you work for drove nearly every small business out of my small town, so I try not to take it out on you when I have no choice but to shop your aisles for the many things I need.  Now that I am no longer shopping for a family, however, I try to keep my visits down to about once a month.  Twice if I don’t plan well.  Today I stocked up on pet…

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