Hopes for the New Year


2016 has come and gone. There were a few health hiccups for me along the way but nothing compared to the amount of grief and suffering in the world at large.  Now 2017 is here and already people are committing atrocities, inhumane and yet so tragically human. My hopes for a peaceful new year will just have to lie dormant for another 364 days and see what 2018 brings. Something tells me it’ll be much longer before we all wake up to find our planet free from strife with every vestige of humanity behaving as truly civilised. I live in hope though, as I’m sure many others do.

Since world peace is well beyond my capabilities, my hopes for 2017 are considerably smaller and more intimate.  While many people have been enjoying the Christmas break, work, study and revision (a lot of revision) have been the order of the day for our family. So my first hope is that those of us who’ve been working get a break and those of us who’ve been revising pass our upcoming exams and settle in to our placements for the year ahead.

My next hope is that my friends and family stay happy and healthy in 2017.  Last year was something of a trial for most of us and in the end we weren’t unhappy to wish it goodbye.  None of us is equipped to deal with too much death, despair and difficulty in such a short period of time.  I know I’m still a bit worn down by it all so a less eventful year on the bad news front together with positive physical and mental wellbeing for all of you is my wish this year.

The last of my hopes for 2017 is a personal one because this year marks the 5 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.  If I sat down to write all the things that have happened since June 2012, the challenges, the bête noir, the unending uncertainty and the sheer weight of it all I fear I might lose touch with my sanity.  So instead it shall stay in the past where it rightly belongs and I shall hold hope that health-wise, 2017 is incredibly, remarkably and boringly uneventful for me.  Because uneventful means the likelihood of a reoccurrence, whilst never fully extinguished, is considerably diminished from June onwards.

Whatever you leave behind from 2016 and whatever you hope for from this new year, may health and happiness be your faithful companions in 2017 too.

12 thoughts on “Hopes for the New Year

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  2. I haven’t found time to comment recently Tracy, but I still read your blog and the comments.
    I totally agree with all your sentiments and wish you and yours a very happy and boringly uneventful 2017. May this year and all the years to come be filled with happiness, good fortune and most of all, Good Health. Love always. Dad xxxx

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  3. Thanks for this, there will always be a shadow, but for a 3N reaching 5 years you will have bucked the odds, so pleased. I am still hoping to get through the first 2 years in 2017 which I am told are the most likely for return. Two of the 8 that did mindfulness with me at the beginning of 2016 are now facing with a Stage 4 diagnosis, so must I count myself lucky.

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    • I’m rooting for you, for 2017 and well beyond too. I don’t know why some of us manage to get through when others don’t. ER/PR/HER, nodes and grades seem to matter for some but not for others. I think it might be life’s biggest lottery and it’s one where the odds are all over the place and none of us signed up for it.


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