Breast Cancer Resources

I’ve realised that although there is a much improved general awareness of breast cancer these days, there is still a lack of trustworthy, detailed information.  In my quest for knowledge about this disease and what we can do about it, I’ve found a number of useful resources. Details are included here and I’ll add more as I find them in the hope they might also be of help to others.

Information about HER2 positive breast cancer:

Her2 Support Group US based support group for women with HER2 positive breast cancer and for breast cancer in general. The women in these forums have significant knowledge about HER2+ breast cancer, treatment, clinical trials and survivorship.

The Oncologist: This is a journal containing many different articles on all kinds of cancer and its treatment.  As it’s a journal the papers are academic and may not be the easiest of reads. But if you’re searching for detailed information this is a good place to look and you can sign up for a free subscription.

Science Daily: Online research news across a whole range of topics, all cancers and other diseases. Here’s a link to the breast cancer page.

Breast cancer treatment calculator: this is a resource from life math that lets you calculate the benefit you’ll achieve from different kinds of breast cancer treatment e.g. chemotherapy.  I will add a caveat about this link. It will calculate, using current survival statistics, your likely life expectancy if you provide relevant details about your tumour histology.  But it’s based on statistics and breast cancer isn’t prone to conformity.

The Green and Red Diet: information about foods rich in salvestrols, a naturally occurring substance which is thought to have cancer-fighting properties.

Resveratrols: Information about the potential health benefits of reservatols and sources of reseveratol in food and drink.

Breast Another US website with lots of useful, up to date information.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer: A UK site dedicated to finding the causes of breast cancer and improving detection and treatment options.

MBCN: The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network. An independent US-based network women and men facing metastatic breast cancer. This site contains a wealth of information and useful advice.

JAM Resource Centre: The Just a Minute resource centre provides online guided meditation, relaxation and visualisation techniques. Each takes ‘just a minute.’

Empowered Doctor: Contains a wealth of information about breast cancer and recent articles on relevant research.



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