A simple poem: devious plans


Storm (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

She walks by the river

Slowly she treads

Scarf round her neck

Hat on her head

Just a slither of light

Falls down on her face

With eyes cast low

She picks up her pace

Storm clouds now gather

A bitter rain falls

Alone in a nightmare

No justice, no laws

The twenty first century

Held such hope

But now there is nothing

To keep her afloat

She smiles at a stranger

Who hurries right by

This child from a manger

Condemned to die

Loved ones will mourn her

Tears will be shed

Those without honour

Brought forth her sad death

Her blood on their hands

Yet they show no remorse

Their deviant plans

Drowned out her life force

Time to move on

What do you do

When the world frowns at you

When your life’s upside down

Is there hope to be found?


Where do you go

When the rain turns to snow

When your life feels insane

Is your psyche still sound?


How do you know

When the words are all faux

When the light’s a feint glow

Is your ship run aground?


Why do you stay

When your heart starts to break

When the give is all take

Is your freedom now drowned?


Who do you tell

When you know it’s a spell

When the tears start to flow

Is your life come unbound?


When do you know

It’s the last picture show

Now its time to move on

Let the darkness be gone


ship (Photo credit: deepwarren)

















The ones we have lost

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They’re here by the sea, on the sand and the shore

In the world that we know, they may not be seen

But their spirits live on in our hearts and our dreams

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They’re here in the clouds, a sun ray and rainfall

In the world that we know,  they may not be heard

Their voices live on through the sweet song of birds

The ones we have lost are not lost at all

They wait by our side until our curtain call


When our time comes, then we shall be

Walking the shore, hand in hand by the sea.

In memory of my very special Grandfather (whose birthday fell on 17th February) and my dearest and deeply missed Mother (whose birthday fell on 19th February).


This is a poem, or at least an attempt at poetry, in response to this weeks Trifecta Challenge. The aim is to write between 33 and 333 words based on the word survive using its third definition:    to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand <they survived many hardships>

Here goes….


Stuff it! That’s what I do. 

I continue to function

Or prosper despite

The cruelness inflicted by you.

We, my family, withstand

After so many years

Being forced to resist

The hardships and suffering you spew.

Four past generations declined,

Untimely deaths far too soon…

I continue to function, prosper despite

This cancer that’s come to me too.

Your hardships we take in our stride,

Mustered our strength

To pull through

I shalln’t just survive, I will thrive.



Christmas Wishes – Love and Peace

See the stars, diamonds in an ink black sky    

Feel the breeze, an icy breath of winter sighs.

Sing with joy, the words of carols amplify –

Childhood dreams, as reindeer over rooftops fly.


 Love and peace, two precious gifts we cannot buy

Within our grasp, a change we need to sanctify.

Fear and hate, fake prophets to be cast aside –

Choose goodwill, purge human faults and purify.

 Earth is sore, our impact cannot be denied…

Time to change; make peace, don’t fight, be dignified.

Love and peace, two precious gifts we have inside

Use them now; please let’s heal the whole world-wide.

 Childhood dreams, as reindeer over rooftops fly,

Love and peace to unify all humankind.