Forgive my tardiness, it’s been strange…. and hectic.

Dawny the Little Beut over at Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award before Christmas and I’m only just getting around to saying thank you. I apologise for my tardiness Dawny, my only excuse is that it’s been strange and hectic and I’m not as organised as I could be!


This is the second nomination I’ve received for very inspirational blogger and I’m a little lost for words.  I never expected to write about cancer, life and the other things that pop into my somewhat cluttered mind in a way that might inspire others.  I am so grateful for your support and kindness.

Tina at Eyes for Gaia nominated me for this award a little earlier in December; here’s a link to that post which includes, as per the rules, seven things about me.

There are so many deserving bloggers (and blog supporters who don’t blog themselves) out there. I really would like to nominate them all. But this time, as per the rules, I’ve chosen 15 great blogs and the very inspiring people who create them:

Now I’m off to prepare for chemo tomorrow.