A woman who…..

…was born in the year Neil Armstrong made ‘one giant leap for mankind,’ David Bowie released ‘Space Oddity,’ Concorde broke the sound barrier, John Lennon returned his OBE and The Troubles began in Northern Ireland.   It was an eventful year!

…grew up with my parents, kid brother who is one year and 364 days younger than me and a variety of pets hence a life-long love of animals.

…lived in an unconventional household. Dad worked shifts, we had no concept of regular routines and often saw blood on his uniform. He helped a lot of people live and made dying less frightening for the others. Mum was gentle, able and free-thinking. She was an awesome role model and her untimely death completely shattered my world.

…was a curious child and remains a curious adult. My passions for space, science, nature and technology haven’t waned. I’m happy to be deemed a geek undertaking a career where even today there are very few women. I’ve been IT Director, CTO and CIO in fascinating and ground-breaking businesses.

…has a supportive husband and an amazing son who is everything I ever wished for and more. He deserves a  great life because he’s bright, funny and shows compassion for others well beyond his years.

…has a lot of faith but no particular religion. I’ve never asked for anything but got  breast cancer anyway. I’m grateful to all the brilliant NHS medical folks and the other good people around me for providing so much support  while I trudge up Everest in my flip-flops and a Sarong.

Image courtesy of The Tribune, Chandigarh, India.

28 thoughts on “A woman who…..

    • Ah, that’s a question with multiple answers (a bit like the cats themselves). Officially I have 8, but it’s more like 6 because two are semi-tame. Of the 8 only one was a purchase rather than a rescue/please help re-home this kitten situation. Unofficially I probably have 10 cats, maybe 12. There are at least two who’ve been abandoned by their owners and come to me for food. They’re semi-ferral but I can’t abide animal cruelty and couldn’t let them starve so I offer them food and they keep rats out of my garden. It costs a small fortune to feed all these hungry mouths but I’m hopeful the wheel of karma will work in my favour for being kind to all creatures 🙂


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  2. Hello Tracy,
    Thank you for following my blog, and after reading yours, I consider your approval an honor.
    I am sorry that you have to face this challenge, and I appreciate that you are sharing with us.


  3. Tracy,
    You visited my blog http://www.dlmchale.com a short while back and I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since. You have a bold and unique way of communicating, and your life is an inspiration to whomever will reach out and accept that gift. I just wanted to thank you for being you, for sharing this journey through life at the same time I am ( truly, it’s an honor to share this world with people like you.) I wish you an abundance of joy and love in 2013, and hope you are awash in your dreams from this day forward. Thank you for sharing. This poem is for you.

    Tracy’s Song

    This darkness haunts an angel’s dreams
    As fear descends on broken wings
    Yet, still is found the courage here
    To carry on, to persevere

    The pain I feel is real and deep
    The scars I bear are mine to keep
    But in my heart I sing this song
    I persevere, I carry on

    With all the burdens placed on me
    The anguish and the agony
    I do not offer up a tear
    I carry on, I persevere

    Unmeasured miles beneath my feet
    My journey here is not complete
    I’ll find a way to right this wrong
    To persevere, to carry on

    I never doubt my inner power
    Despite the lateness of the hour
    To overcome my deepest fears
    I carry on, I persevere

    The years unfold in symmetry
    My life is as it ought to be
    Though weak in flesh, my faith is strong
    I’ve persevered, I’ve carried on


    • Dennis, I am so deeply touched. Your writing reaches out to me in a way I can’t easily put into words… You’ve taken my breath away. I’m honoured to have met you through the powers of technology and to have found your beautiful blog (I’m appreciative of good writing and yours is first rate). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this poem, it’s beautiful and I will treasure it forever. I’m going to print it and put it in the book of days I keep with me, it will inspire me through anything life can send my way. With love and thanks, you’re a very special person and I’m lucky to have met you. Tracy.


  4. Wow you really are incredible! I’m sure your spirit would soar well above any mountaintop.
    So yeah, you did really good. God bless you, and heal up for the new year OK?


  5. Hey Tracy, thankyou soooooo much for nominating me, I’m both humbled and ultra chuffed, so, thankyou for making my day and adding a little pic to my widgets 🙂 I’m glad that you have found some inspiration from my spillages. Hope you have a great day…Luv Dawny 🙂


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  7. Who you are is very impressive, truly! 🙂 You have a perfect family and perfect life except the Cancer. It sucks!!! Honestly, I’m bad at comforting people because I’m pessimistic so I should just keep my mouth shut. I’m sick as well but don’t write about it otherwise my blog would be depressing just like my pessimistic mind, I just try to do things I love and try to forget about it. Have a perfect day!


    • Thank you for coming to visit again. I have a good life in spite of cancer and a few other things that conspire against me. We all deal with our life situations differently, I do get sad/depressed/pessimistic sometimes but I ty to stay away from there if I can. Partly for my sake and partly because I feel bad about bringing cancer back into the lives of my family and I don’t want them to have to worry about me all the time. I think your approach of trying to do the things you love and forgetting about it is a good one. Enjoy the weekend 🙂


      • You are both REALLY strong women, and you should be proud. Fighters! Full stop! You have my support ladies, and I will cheer you all the way!


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