Why it’s not all about FEC

I started this blog following my breast cancer diagnosis in June 2012.  Originally I was encouraged to use it as a vehicle to keep far-flung friends and family up to date with my treatment and progress. FEC-TH was the kind of chemotherapy I had to undergo hence the name for my blog – FEC-THis.   I imaging everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis says “FEC-THis” at some point.

At the outset breast cancer and all the things that go along with it invaded my every waking hour; it kept me awake at night too.  Those days were filled with confusion and uncertainty. For a while I was lost in a strange place that was difficult to understand; there were no landmarks or compass points for me to navigate by.  Then, as time passed, a path emerged.

I realised I did not want to be consumed by cancer either physically or metaphorically.  I choose not to be defined by breast cancer and I will not be enslaved by it.  It is not who I am, it never will be.  So that’s why it’s not all about FEC… or TH…. or the prince of darkness that is breast cancer.  There are far better things to think about, songs to be sung, love to be given and a life to be lived.

日本語: Akitani Pond Grave of the Fireflies 秋谷池(兵...

Akitani Pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



4 thoughts on “Why it’s not all about FEC

    • Hi Mae, thank you for coming by. Still having side effects but hanging on in there and counting down the weeks until its finally finished…. hope you’re doing well and thank you for bringing a bundle of cheer into my day 🙂


  1. I love the sentiments here Tracy. I always knew you would never let cancer get the better of you. Your love of life and of the world we live in will see you through and I look forward to reading your continuing posts on subjects that interest and inspire you.


    • I’m late finding this comment Dad. No, cancer won’t get the better of me. It might bring me down, show me how fragile life is and how fickle some people can be. The treatment might feck the rest of me up for months or even years….but I will keep going whatever is thrown at me and make the most of the time I have here xxx


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