A news update

Intel Mobile Device

Intel Mobile Device (Photo credit: Frank Gruber)

I’m blogging remotely and via a mobile device at present – not as easy as I’d hoped it might be!  I’ve kindly been nominated for some more blogging awards and want to do justice to those who have nominated me – my apologies that I haven’t posted acceptances for the awards yet, I will do so once I have my laptop to hand and can more easily pass the awards on to other bloggers as is usually the case when accepting these gifts.  Expect to see those acceptance posts in around a week or so.

Life is a little confusing/disorienting/challenging right now for a variety of reasons. Once I’ve been able to push/pull myself through the challenges I’ll write about them but for now I am grateful to some very good friends for supporting me in ways that I couldn’t possibly have imagined. My faith in humanity was taking quite a battering, it had reached an all time low, but recent acts of kindness have gone a long way towards restoring it.

My first proper break from home/work in two years is also helping regenerate my spirit and cleanse my soul. There is no unnecessary stress here, no people to inflict situations that cause hardship, uncertainty and distress. Just the clouds and the sky, the sea and the sailboats.  For a few days I have secured a little oasis of peace that will give my battered mind and bruised body some space to heal.