Peace begins with a letter


PEACE! (Photo credit: snapies_gi)

This month’s Bloggers for Peace (B4Peace) challenge encourages us to write a letter for peace and send it out into the universe.  Like Kozo I love the art of letter-writing, the convergence of emotions, thoughts and spirit that turn a collection of words on paper into snippets of hopes and dreams, tales of love and friendship or convivial greetings from afar.  Times have changed; anytime, anyplace, (almost) anywhere connectivity coupled with short-form communication such as SMS, IM, snapchat and the like seem to have condemned the writing and sending of letters to a bygone era.  I think that’s a shame. Letters convey so much more than clipped comments or c u l8r type abbreviations and when it comes to peace I’m sure clear and meaningful communication is key when conveying understanding, respect and camaraderie…

Dear Universe,

A few days ago I saw a young man with many, many IV tracks
on his arms. I wondered what had happened to him, how he
had come to have so many scars. I wondered how much pain
the young man had endured and why. Some people turned to
stare. Others glanced and whispered to each other.
On seeing him everyone made up their own story about the
type of man he was and the kind of company he kept.

I smiled at him. Whatever had happened, the young man
had experienced trauma. I understand trauma. 
I noticed he was younger than I'd thought, perhaps 
22 or 23. He caught my smile and smiled in return,
pleased that someone might see his humanity instead
of gawking at the maze of scars. The man and his
companion came to sit nearby and I knew then how he
had come by his wounds. He had no legs. Metal
prostheses began somewhere near his hips. 

The back of my nose tingled, a sign that tears might
ensue even though I'd never met this man before and
knew nothing of his plight. Compassion is a gift, it 
may be given freely between humans even when they're
complete strangers. I learned that the man was back
at home. The remains of his legs were somewhere in

I wonder, dear Universe, whether you might now hear
this call for change, for the furthering of compassion
and the end of conflict and strife. Humanity has been
here long enough to accept that there are no winners
in any war. Death, disfigurement and despair are all
that come from fighting.

I wonder, dear Universe, if it might at last be
possible for peace to prevail? Sufficient time has
passed and more than enough blood has been shed. I 
would very much like it if no more young men or women
face a life without limbs. No more families are ripped
apart by grief and no more pointless deaths arise
because we continually fail to live in harmony as one
human race. It is surely not that difficult or 
beyond the collective wit of all humanity?

Although I can be idealistic I suspect I am not
alone in this thought. I wonder, therefore, 
if now might be the time to give peace a chance?

With love and hope


16 thoughts on “Peace begins with a letter

  1. Tracy,
    I love everything about this post. I love the letter format; I love the story; I love your kindness and open-heartedness; I love the line “Compassion is a gift, it
    may be given freely between humans even when they’re
    complete strangers.”
    I have to admit a tingle in the back of my nose as I read this letter. Thank you so much for your compassion. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • Aw, Kozo. Those nose tingles are quite something aren’t they, a sign that we are all connected and have the ability to empathise with another’s situation. It’s good to have you back 🙂


  2. The experience is so touching. And the way you described it is commendable…..I felt as though I had met that person.
    Your views and thoughts are lovely Tracy!
    This one was a great read! 🙂


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  4. dear tracy,

    the encounter with the young man – so poignant and touching. it reminds us all to look beyond what we might think we see, to something more true and revealing about a person. I love that you took notice, and that you smiled at him. a smile can be so transformative for both people experiencing it – and I believe that every smile counts.

    your letter to the universe was so beautifully written. I will write a letter, too, so as to align with exactly the same wishes you expressed, the same questions you have asked. they are more than worthy of an answer, so I, too, will sign my letter with love and hope. thank you for such an elegant and thoughtful post.

    love, XOXO



    • Like you I think every smile counts Karen and kind words and gestures go a long way towards making this world a better place for everyone. There is always more to the world around us than at first meets the eye, if we choose to look with an open heart as you’ve done. Sending peace and love for you xoxox


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