Happy Shopping

I was on my way back from the dentists when I saw a strange sight.  I live in a rural area so really shouldn’t be surprised by these things but they do make me laugh.  I’m not sure if this fella is going in to buy some stamps, collect his pension or check his Euromillions lottery numbers.  I think he’ll fit through the doorway (but there won’t be much room with him inside!)

Let me in

In other news, the visit to Dr C. today was positive.  He says I’m on ‘maintenance herceptin’ from here on so it’s more a preventative kind of approach rather than treating any malingering disease – chemo should’ve taken care of that.  It’s the best outcome I could have expected from today and now I just have to be vigilant and look out for any signs of changes or things that feel different.  When you have a replacement boob made of silicon sitting beneath a layer of pig intestine covered by a couple of millimetres of your own flesh, things feel different every day. Apparently I will notice if there’s any change and I suspect having been on the breast cancer merry-go-round once, I’ll be even more aware of strange dimples, bumps or lumps. It’s hard not to be completely paranoid about every tiny thing but hopefully with time that feeling will pass.

I may be off-line for a few days.  Tomorrow my son moves into his new flat.  Compared to his 6ft x 9ft student hovel in a shared house that really ought to be gutted and thoroughly overhauled, the flat will seem like the Palace of Versailles.  The carpet won’t be sticky either. I’ve never been a fan of sticky carpets… how is it possible to make a carpet stickier than Krazy Glue and worse still, why leave it that way and expect the tenant to put up with it?  Bizarre.    This weekend I’ll be turning my hand to home furnishings and the wonders of flat-pack furniture instructions.  My son has also asked me to take him shopping  in between his 11 a-side football match and his futsal match.  With so much going on I just hope I can still keep up with the pace!


26 thoughts on “Happy Shopping

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  2. Hooray, great news. Enjoy your weekend, Tracy; you deserve it.
    We should have a caption contest for the photo.
    “Piss off. I am the horse I rode in on.”


    • It’s a funny photo isn’t it… I thought “OK, which idiot decided my bum looked good in fluorescent pink ??!” Hope you had a good weekend too Kozo, loved your recent post on Thank You’s 🙂


  3. Looks like the pony express is back and ‘bigger’ than ever! Good luck with the move and the furniture–if you have parts left over you’ve done it wrong. …but there’s always duct tape.


    • I was nearly the next photo… too long in Ikea (huge, hot, stuffy, furniture place) and I almost passed out waiting to pay. Fortunately removing as many clothes as was decent and two glasses of very cold coke prevented the faint. Last time it happened the people with me couldn’t find my pulse (and thought I’d died!) It gave them quite a fright so I try not to pass out in public in case I scare anyone else.


      • Oh my goodness! Stop making me laugh when you’re being serious 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t faint. I’ve heard some stories about Ikea, never been. But I know how faint-worthy it can get in department and superstores stores.


    • Thanks Dianne, I’m almost on the home straight now… just a few more things to do and hopefully that’s it, I’ll be off the merry-go-round (the horses are nowhere hear as attractive as the one in the photo!)


    • The new nest is almost there and its a so clean compared to the old place… I don’t have to use up a whole bottle of hand sanitiser for one visit any more – phew. The horse is the funniest sight I’ve seen yet… he is far more glamorous than I’ll ever be!


  4. Tracy, the picture is exceptional! Happy to hear your most recent visit went well and you’re going to spend some time with your son. Those floors get like that when college students spell mix drinks, cocktails and beers frequently on them:-) dd


    • My Onc is very scientific so I get facts about today and no predictions about tomorrow. I can cope with that. I guess we’re all living on borrowed time from the day we’re born, we don’t know how long the loan will last so need to make the most of it. Students… just so yucky! My feet stuck to the floor in my son’s old place and you could write your name in the dust on the stairwell (if you dared put your fingers near it – I was too worried I’d contract some nasty fungal infection). The new place is clean, dust and sticky-stuff free I’m hoping it stays that way 🙂


  5. I’ve been trying to think of a funny tag line for the horse but actually it doesn’t need it, so funny. It’s great when your son welcomes your help and interest isn’t it! Good luck – V


    • My son is open to help of all kinds, from moving house to financial aid to assistance with biomedical science research (thankfully not experiments!) and home-made pasta. I love him to bits so am glad we have a great relationship, even if I’m left exhausted and my bank manager doesn’t appreciate it very much!


    • He was there half way in the shop showing no signs of departing… it was a very cold day so perhaps he’d gone in to avoid the elements. Or maybe he wanted some attention, people are friendly out here 🙂


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